URGENT!!! - kit percussionist required for Sunday

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    Stourport band require a kit percussionist for Leamington contest on Sunday. Test piece is *edit*

    The draw for our section is 12noon and there are about 6 bands in the section.

    We have a rehearsal tomorrow night at 7.45pm in Kidderminster.

    If there is anybody out there who can help you will need to be registered with a 2nd section band or below.

    If you can help please ring Rich Snape on 07869 212569 or Rich Hatfield on 07789 986108 or reply to this message.

    It is tMP policy not to reveal test piece choices at own-choice contests prior to the event (you never know who is reading your post!).

    Welcome to tMP :biggrin: Since this is a very urgent request I shall make your post 'sticky'. This means it will remain at the top of the list of posts in the section. I hope you find someone to help out. Sparkly (and the tMP team)
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