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  1. hi, ive been left incharge of sorting 2 hymn tunes for a funiral on sunday, at the moment ive been looky to have lindly band to record lord of the dance hymn tune tonight (thank you) but im struggling to get hold of the music to Lord the light of your love (shine jesus shine). i had it arrainged for my wedding last year but it seems to of disapeard from the libery. is there anyone who has this hymn tune recorded or the music so i can get it recorded tonight? if you can help me please pm me and i could pick it up (live in hebden bridge). or e mail the mp3.

    hope some one could help me in this tricky time.

    Rick Cowens
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    Try contacting chris wormald, I know smithills had it arranged for them for a songs of praise appearance.. I'm sure there must be more bands who have had the same.
  3. k thanxs ill give him a ring.
  4. ive found grimethorpe have recorded it on the cd hymn's, track 15, has anyone heard the cd? is it jazzy? is there singing?. where can i download it, dont have time for them to post cd, or if you got a coppy could u e mail track 15 to me please, email is: rcowenselectrical@hotmail.co.uk
  5. sorted now, thanxs, pannic over.
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    If you need this again - the Salvation army have it published as an arrangement in their General Series (Cant remember the number though)