Urgent casting call for TV advert - London 10/9/04

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  1. Will the Sec

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    Advertisement opportunity - over 40s, Monday 13th Setpember in London

    Fulham has been contacted by therapy films with a view to us providing musicians for an advert to be shot on Monday.

    If anyone is interested, (you must be over 40 (and that's age, not number of pints consumed since midnight)) please send a photo of yourself to Nyree at info@therapyfilms.com letting her know that you heard about this from me VIA THE MOUTHPIECE (She may choose to pay to use the Mouthpiece in the future (natch!!))

    IF SELECTED - fees are £100 for extras; £189 for walk ons; £250 if you are featured.

    My introduction fee for each person used in the commercial will be claimed from you at a later date in the form of a dep appearance... ...
  2. Laserbeam bass

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    Moderators, this is a blatant ageist thread, please remove it forthwith or I will have to take legal action against my brother for posting it in the first place LOL
  3. jpbray

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    We're back to Brassed Off. Us forty something and cloth cap & whippets. Don't sell your soul for forty peices of silver. ;)
  4. Will the Sec

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    Hmmmmmm. Shall I start with....

    "Shut up or give me my bass back."


    "Well, nothing to stop you applying. You look forty."

  5. Laserbeam bass

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    Sex and Travel
  6. Brasspenguin

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    Message on behalf of Rosalie Clayton
    Daily Mirror Commercial

    I am casting the above commercial in the morning on Friday 10th September @ 23 Nassau Street, W1

    It is a promotion for the Daily Mirror Newspaper and will only be shown for 4 days on TV. It is a parody of ‘Brassed Off’ where all the musicians play really badly – but we want people who can play well so that they can do playing badly really well! Everyone who attends the casting must be London based as they cannot afford to pay travel from outside of London. It shoots Monday 13th September in London. The money is £300 for the days filming + a buyout of £300 for the commercial to be aired.

    Man or Woman: Middle aged. Highly stressed highly strung arty type. Does not need to have musical experience.

    X 5 Musicians – Must play and own a brass instrument
    Men or Women: 35 year old and over (the older the better). We are looking for any race, shape, size and height. It is comedy so the scope on looks and character is very broad.

    If interested in auditioning, please email


    or telephone: 020 7242 8109



  7. Keppler

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    Just what the banding world needs eh? Another "Don't take me seriously" campaign..

    p.s. Don't take me seriously...
  8. HBB

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    Why couldn't I be 35 :(
  9. PeterBale

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    I've merged these two threads together as I presume they refer to the same advert, but you'll have to fight it out over who gets the commission :shock: ;) :D
  10. iggmeister

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    I'm waiting for the gossip afterwards to see what happens on the 'casting couch'!!

  11. WhatSharp?

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    Oh nuts I'm eligible! (ahaa a get out! I can't play badly.....<cough splutter choke> :D )
  12. Vibber

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    pity they cant do something positive for the movement rather than taking the p**s all the time, its due to things like this that we get stigmatised. its also a pity that the only time banding gets any national publicity is negative publicity.

    why couldnt they do something on the national childrens band (due to all the bad press on juveniles) or the hundreds of charity concert that bands do each year!!! they really get on my nerves!!!!!
  13. BassoProfundo

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    Need the money but will not help drag bands down like that. Surely we're better than that.
  14. Heather

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    This advert is definately what brass banding DOESN'T need.
    Hope they get no takers!