Upscale bar - a musical tale

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    A friend of mine received this via email from the well-known SA cornet player Deryck Diffey. Some of it you may have read before, but it seemed worth posting this extended version:

    Upscale Bar

    C, E-flat and G entered a bar.

    The bartender said, "Sorry, I don't serve minors."

    The E-flat left and the C and G had an open fifth between them. After
    a few drinks, the fifth was diminished and the G was out flat.

    An F entered and tried to augment the situation but was not sharp

    A D entered and excused himself to the bathroom, saying, "I'll just
    be a second."

    An A entered but the bartender wasn't convinced that this relative of
    C was not a minor.

    Then the bartender noticed a B-flat hiding at the end of the bar. "Get
    out, right now!" he exclaimed. "You're the seventh minor I've found in
    this bar tonight."

    The next night the E-flat returned to the bar in a 3-piece suit.

    The bartender said, "You're looking sharp tonight. This could be a
    major development."

    This was the case, when the E-flat took off the suit and everything
    else to stand there au natural.

    Eventually, the C sobered up and realized in horror that he was under
    a rest.

    He was brought to trial, found guilty of contributing to the
    diminution of a minor, and was sentenced to ten years of D.S. without
    the possibility of a Coda.

    On appeal, he was found innocent of any wrongdoing, even accidental,
    because the accusation was bassless.

    The bartender decided he needed a rest -- and closed the bar.
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    Just read it to Trombonebabe who groaned in disgust!

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    HAHAHA!! *lol* <<< just to join in the whole coded stuff<<<

    very good...!!!
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    See, I can do this intermawebs thing.

    Very droll.

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