Uppermill Contest

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  1. Does any one know any results ?
    All i know that uppermill band won the 4th section and me sister who helped Newstead youth came 11th out of 12 bands

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    Third Section:

    1st Boarshurst (Greenfield) - played Diamond Heritage
    2nd Whitworth Vale and Healey - played Prelude and Jubilate
    3rd Wardle and District Anderton Brass - played Prelude and Jubilate

    Second Section:

    1st Hebden Bridge - played "Royal Parks"
    2nd Blackpool Brass - played Trittico
    3rd Haslingden and Helmshore - played Ballet for Band

    Well done to Hebden Bridge. They made a good musical performance of Royal Parks and brought some true pathos to the middle "In Memoriam" movement. Principal Cornet was singularly good.

    A good afternoon out. Unfortunately, the whole event was running late - partly due to people having to make the stage bigger between the Third and Second Sections. This took a good half an hour or more.

    Is it a good thing to have a single adjudicator doing the lot? He would have been "in the box" for virtually 12 hours by the time it finished. Personally, I genuinely feel that this is too much for anyone's concentration. Something needs to be done about it.
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    Need full results of the top section!

    This contest seems not important enough for the mighty 4barsrest team to acknowledge its existance.

    Fingers crossed for the Marsden Green Machine
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    Do not know the full result in Champ section but do know that Thoresby came 1st and Newstead 2nd and also won the best bass section.

    So two main prizes went back to Nottinghamshire!

    Must be a first

    Really enjoyed the contest and good to go home with a prize

    Newstead Band
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    Well done Melanie and all at Newstead - should cheer Duncan up a bit!
    Amazing to see Richard G playing Paganini again after all these years (last seen circa 1991 on rep at the Open with Wallace Arnold Rothwell...)

    see you and happy xmas

    john roberts
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    Championship Section

    1st Thoresby Colliery
    2nd Newstead Welfare
    3rd Marsden
    4th ?
    5th Mossley
    6th Yorkshire Co-op

    :) A really good contest, enjoyed the venue apart from the changing facilities which were a little congested especially in the lower sections. There appeared to be to many non players sat in the players changing area at times, What do you think ?
    Overall it seemed to be a very successful and well attended contest, I enjoyed it