Up to 1st Section Soprano in Northamptonshire for hire

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  1. Dep avaliable: Soprano, up to 1st Section, Northamps/Midlands

    • Name and contact details: Steve Alexander (or Stan Van Der Lager) If you require my services I am available on mail@rushdenfitness.co.uk or mobile: 07740 344 936
    • Instrument(s) played: Soprano, Bb Cornet if instrument is supplied
    • Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: Up to 1st Section
    • How much notice do you require: Erm... not fussed about notice locally but if it's a distance then a couple of weeks would be good so I can get cover at work
    • Name of your present Band: I play soprano cornet for Wigston who are currently 2nd section. Until recently I played for Raunds who are 1st Section.
    • What section is your present Band in: 2nd Section
    • Position within Band that you are able to play: Sop or any Bb Cornet position
    • How far are you prepared to travel Any
    • Would you require transport No have own Car
    • Do you require expenses Lager is my fee
    • Any additional Comments/Information:
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    I am the MD for Bradwell Band MK, 3rd section, we are short of players next weekend, due to holidays, Solo cornet! Sat & Sun afternoon If you are free let me know.