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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by timbloke, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. timbloke

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    Following Lucky Beaver's suggestion of making a baritone from a radiator.. Has anyone actually attempted to make a brass instrument from an alternative source - old car parts, washing machine etc.. and was it successful?

    What would you use to build a home-made instrument? Any good suggestions, I will take note of, and when I'm a little older and a father with a garden shed, I shall construct said instrument.
  2. super_sop

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    DIDN'T a few manufacturers try this when bands had their lottery grants?!!!!:rolleyes:
  3. 2nd man down

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    Apparently Brian May's most famous guitar was made mostly from wood from a fire surround, and he constucted the elecronic gizmometry in it himself.

    He also has his own sixpence minted to play with, he doesn't use a plectrum.

    I travel to work every day with a guitar anorak, I'm full of useless info like this regarding famous peoples geetars. :(
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    I made my own trumpet once - out of a piece of paper, crayons and cotton wool. It was quite a masterpiece i thought, although not practical - couldn't blow it :(

    It still hangs on my wall at home - I made it when i was 3 at nursery school :biggrin:

    I know timbloke it's not what you asked, but i thought i would share it anyway ;)

    Yvonne x
  6. NeilW

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    As promised, here's a picture of a somewhat unusual instruement that you can even play a duet on (that's me on the left :oops: )

    The very strange thing was the "chanter" for varying the pitch!


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