Unsung heroes of the Bb Bass world

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    We all know the big name players on the 'King of Instruments', the likes of Simon Gresswell. John Gillam. Derek Jackson, Dean Morley, Matt Routley but what about those unsung heroes of the Bb Bass world, plying their trade in the lower sections on the most misunderstood and often badly played instrument in a brass band.

    The players that spring to mind for me are Graham Blue (Skelmanthorpe B) and Peter Denton (Pennine Brass)

    Anyone got anymore names to put forward?
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    Steve Gittins is good too.
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    Steve Kirk. Gresley's Bb Bass player is without doubt one of the best.


    Ray SYKES Carlton Main,one of the best.
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    Thought Carlton Main were top section???
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    Gilbert Symes?
    ex B&R now with Ashton
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    Alan Kaye - 69 years young and playing at the Emley. His lungs dont' always keep up these days and he's past marching. But if it's on a page he can read it, never misses a job and is at Every rehearsal and the he's the first one in the pub and the last to leave too!
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    They are, I played alongside Ray for a short time and he was the best I ever heard but didn t get a fraction of media attention that the others get.
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    Andy Cattanach,

    I have the dubious pleasure of sitting next to him and receiving his weekly words of wisdom. Annoyingly he is NEVER wrong - but on the plus side he is GINGER, although I think he prefers to think of himself as a strawberry blond!

    Fantastic all round natural musician
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    Nanny Ogg is doing a grand job of holding up the bottom end of Barnton. One of the few lady Bb bass players inthe country possibly?
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    Bass playing, in particular BBb is a partnership.

    The best I have sat next too, is without doubt Dean Morley, as you rightly have mentioned the best BBb player in this country.

    The best I have sat next to in a long time is Dave Dunn Burch (hope that is spelt right?) pure class! not sure who is signed for at present though.

    Richard Lidbury taught me a lot at Morris Motors. Anyone know where he is??

    Special mention to my opo at Wantage Martin Taylor, anyone that puts up with me week in week out deserves a medal!
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    He was my fellow Bb bass at Uckfield and I think he still lives in Sussex, possibly Burgess Hill. Don't know if he is still playing, I think it was case of he had done everything and brass bands became a bit of a drag. I do have an old phone number if you want to try and contact him.

    There are a couple of other lady BBb bass players out there, two I know of are Carol Evans at BAE and Sally at KM Medway concert.
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    A rising star in the Huddersfield area would be a chap last seen helping out Holme at Silkstone on Saturday.
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    If you find him, mention there's a band in Burgess Hill! ;)


    In 1978 I played at Hepworth on EE flat bass, we had a master of bass playing in the section, he was very good at resting during bass solos, often waving to the crowd, leaving all the tricky bits off, and then taking all the credit, he was a great actor.It taught me to blow,because I had the lot to play myself.
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    Andrew Fordham aka Dodge of the Longridge Band is a giant among bass players and great friend as well.
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    Dave was signed with Grange Moor until recently, not sure if he still is or not. Tho thinking about it I believe he played with a Midlands band at the last area's, but their name escapes me, so he can't be signed with Grange Moor any more can he?

    Alan Kaye at Emley for me too.
    Thoroughly lovely bloke, totally down to earth, still loving playing, still got the most unfeasably full head of hair for his age :-? , still girning in the pub after band when he gets his teeth out :biggrin: .
    I hope I'm still playing as well as him when (if) I get to his age. Respect Big Al. :clap:
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    Stuart Haigh

    What a true legend, He was just amazing at Silkstone at the weekend


    Thanks for that, I don t know who you are but its nice to be noticed by someone who knows real talent when they hear it. p.s I didn t buy any raffle tickets.