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  1. hi, just wondering if anyone has any words of wisdom when contemplating the stupidly large number of universities, all offering what seems to be the same music course!! i'm getting to the stage where putting a list of the courses into a hat and pulling them out at random which i've been told is not the correct way to choose. Please help!!
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    Have you checked out accomodation yet? Some uni's are better than others on the location of the halls and the distance from the uni.
    For example, at huddersfield their recommended halls is out at storthes hall which is quite a way from the uni. about 5miles so every mornin we have to get a bus in. some people don't want that, so you might not want a uni that has halls miles away from the campus.
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    As well as the various course components (which may be similar across lots of universities, or cater for specific interests), look at issues such as instrumental tuition - eg what, if any, lessons are paid for. Do they have instrumental teachers - or do you have to find them? Certainly I found there were big differences in these aspects when I applied for my course.
    Also consider accommodation/ location/ living costs. Go to a couple of open days to get the 'feel' of a place (although if you're doing music you're likely to have interviews/auditions anyway).

    Good luck!
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    As has been said, you need to compile a list of what you want out of a uni. Make the list as comprehensive as possible and decide what percentage of your list your eventual choice will have to fill.

    How many entrance requirements are within your grasp - I'm not being insulting, you have to consider this. Look at past offers. How far are you prepared to travel form home, how far are you prepared to travel from halls/digs, how good is the accommodation?

    Availability of instrumental teachers of the required quality. Orchestral or band? Is your specific instrument listed as a specialism? What is the reputation of the place, do you know anyone who has been/is there? What do they say about it. If you make your list thorough/niggly enough, you should end up with a short list of 3 or 4 - certainly no more - which you can then visit on their open days.

    Visit your college's career room(s) and do some research. and so on. Enjoy ;)
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    Firstly, what instrument do you play? That can have a bearing on what university is most suited.

    What is your main playing genre? Brass bands? Wind? Orchestral? Big Band? Electric?

    Finally pick what you think you want to specialise in, is it performance? composition? conducting? midi? there are so many options, but Mike has covered them very well in his above post.

    I personally chose Salford as I'm primarily a cornet player (rather than trumpet) and many universities are not big fans of cornets!
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    I agree but hold on someone told me last night you;d packed in! I would go where you fancy as lots of people never move back home. When I was choosing mine, I have 4 options 2 at wolverhampton and 2 at Newman teacher training college. I didnt get in to the teacher training course to teach English and didn;t fancy wolverhampton offers because I just wanted to be a teacher. Then by luck I found Sunderland Uni, got in to teach English and never looked back. I wasn't gonna to play in a brass band but got roped in and it's been the best experience ever - even got somewhere to live out of it too! So you never know where you might end up but good luck with your search and go where there is a decent brass band.
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    I've just started at Salford and im really enjoying it. I would definetly say salford if you play a brass band intrument as there are two great brass bands tojoin and the tutors are top class aswell
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    So you'll be the lass sat next to Rick Rock in band, just a little tip, dont feed him chocolate cake and ice cream before midday, and whatever you do, dont let him have more than 3 pints of coke!

    If you've seen Gremlins you'll see why!

    He's ace when he's sugared up, In fact he's also ace when he's not!

    Look after him for me, and make sure you dont get him started on Cookies, Jam or Elephants on Rollerboots!

  9. not packed in altogether jus reducing commitments so i can concentrate on my playing. visited edinburgh on saturday and i'm goin to newcastle this weekend. i'd love to go to somewhere like salford/manchester/welsh college but lack confidence in performing and composing so am trying to find a course which doesn't demand many solo performances!! think i'v managed to narrow it down to 8 courses but the prob is i don't hacve any firends who are doin music at uni so i'v no idea what to expect, anyone able to help there??!!
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    If you're not too confident with the performing aspect of it, you could try looking for courses that don't require an audition on application; my music teacher's son did that a few years back. I think Royal Holloway are like that, I only had an audition there because I was going for an instrumental scholarship. Phone some admissions tutors for a chat. On the whole, a university rather than conservatoire course may be better for you as they offer a broader range of topics; you can always specialise in something as a postgrad course.

    The best thing I found was, as people have said, talking to people who are already there. I ended up coming to Cardiff Uni on a friend's recommendation, I'm now in my last year and loving it! I'm sure you'll find plenty of people here on tMP who'd be prepared to give their opinions.

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