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    Hi folks,

    I was having a chat with a bloke (his band name began with 'M', but that's all I can remember) outside the Dobcross Band Club on Friday, and what he had to say about Warwick made me realise that there's potentially some misunderstanding around - I'd just like to clear that up quickly if I may.

    The University of Warwick Brass Band has never 'disbanded', it has also never changed it's name and been forced to be demoted.

    Back in (around) 2000 we did indeed change our contesting name from "Warwick University Brass Band" to the "University of Warwick Brass Band" - this was done via the Registrys standard name-changing procedure and affected our ranking in no way whatsoever. We were, however, demoted to 3rd section at the start of this year, but this was through the standard 3 year area aggregate results system. We didn't compete at the areas in 2004 (like 2001), and this was probably the major factor.

    I can of course see the potential for confusion when you see that we refer to ourselves as the University of Warwick Brass *Society*. This is actually our *official* name at the University and Union, as the Society encompasses not only the Brass Band, but all our other brass related ensembles, including a Symphonic 10 piece and a variety of chamber ensembles.

    Oh, and to say that there's no way I personally would know this because I wouldn't have been at Warwick 5 years ago is a very misguided thing to say - I've been with them since 1998!


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