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  1. sugarandspice

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    Right, i've spent all afternoon sifting through the ucas site and i think i've decided on some of the uni's im going to apply for. however when i go away to uni i want to continue playing, either in a brass band or with in the music department or preferably both!!
    so if anyone has anything to say about the music departments for these uni's it would help me a lot (might actually be able to limit it down to 6!!)

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    I am a librarian for Cardiff Uni (not law but same building as law library!), no brass band here but there are lots of other musical activities at the Uni as it has a strong music department. There are a few local brass bands, Tongwynlais, BTM, Radyr and Morganstown and all the bands in the Rhondda.

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    Hi two of our ex players went to the law school in Nottingham unfortunatly there is no actual music department that I am aware of at Nottingham Trent. Nottingham Uni has quite a big music department with plenty going on. You do have a bit of a choice over brass bands in Nottingham, obviously I am biased towards my band but you also have Carlton, Nottingham City Transport, and Long Eaton in the city boundaries. Just outside you have got Newstead, Kirkby, and Shirebrook. But I see you have plenty of options where to go to so good luck.

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  4. strongbow

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    What's wrong with Manchester? Plenty of bands within the area I'm sure would welcome you with open arms.
  5. lynchie

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    Quick plug -> I think they do law at Warwick... I've got my first uni band practice on Wednesday!
  6. sugarandspice

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    it seems so far away from cornwall!!
  7. Raspberry

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    Why not come to Nottingham? Its a great city, plenty to do and plenty of bands and music groups to choose from. One of our players (student) in Bestwood comes from Devon!!!
  8. Naomi McFadyen

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    Keele is only about 50 mins from Manchester... if that.
    Go on... go the hole hog and go a bit further North ;) :-D
  9. ronnie_the_lizard

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    I think you'd find Manchester (or Liverpool) an awful lot easier/quicker to get to from Cornwall than Bangor or Aberystwyth - unless you go by boat....... ;)
  10. sugarandspice

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    i've vaugely looked at keele. untill i got so annoyed with the website and gave up!

    ok ok...i'll go look at manchester!!
  11. sugarandspice

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    manchester is AAA, which is great....just great!! this is so frustrating, how am i supposed to know what i want to do for the rest of my life? or where i want to go to uni! and how come every one seems to want AAA. AHHHH

    sorry, i'll just go and hide in a corner and rant to myself there!
  12. Naomi McFadyen

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    It'll be AAA because they just want to keep up the standards and not let it slip... They may be flexible though... No harm in applying and just going for it. They can only say no... and if you're going to apply for 6 uni's then you'll have to say no to 5 offers before you've even started ;-)

    I'll tell you what someone told me...

    Always go for the best! and don't accept anything less.

    :-D ;)
  13. sugarandspice

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    right, decided that cardiff is going to be my AAA choice for both law and law & criminology so im not going to try for manchester (not that i ever was, i dont think!)
    and yes i do intend to "go for the best" even if it does involve me having a nervous break down at exam time! although it cant get much worse-think i had one of those last night at band practice! and its only september, what the hell am i going to be like by next summer?!!
    anyway, thanks to everyone for all your advice, will return to the stupid ucas site, and see what other usless information it is going to give me!