Unit costs of Cornets?

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    Hey all,

    Does anyone know what the costs of producing a: York Emminence, Besson Prestige and Besson Sovereign are, or what the Parent companies do (or had done in Yorks case) to keep costs low while keeping quality high?
    I ask purely for my own selfish benefit, and personal intrigue!


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    I reckon most of that sort of info would be quite commercially sensitive Paul. Putting my procurement hat on , roughly speaking ( after VAT ) you could ( and I stress the "could") take 40%-60% off of list price to give you an indication of unit cost , although this is by no means accurate in all cases and may well be totally off-beam for what are essentially luxury goods produced in low units of measure comparitively speaking.

    Reasonably good basic article here gives roough idea of concepts involved.


    Obviously I blame capitalism , the tories , Maggie Thatcher , the 1968 Man U cupwinning squad and various adjudicators for the prices !! :)
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    When I worked for a company selling relatively high value low turnover luxury goods (not brass instruments I hasten to add) we would make approximately 50% to 60% after the cost of materials, labour and advertising, etc. before taxation. The retailers might then take another 20%+ on top of that. On a lower value quick turnover item our margin might be 20% (or lower on some lines) whilst the retailer would take 8% to 12%.

    Things that impact the selling price are - perceived quality; raw material, maufacturing, labour, advertising and shipping costs plus exchange rates.
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    And West Country yokels? I would.
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    I'm not sure mate, but I know Schilke produce very poor instruments, an example being their Soprano Cornets, being built for around 50 pence in the back end of Taiwan by children, and then sold to suckers for £2000............ ;)
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    I presume you have evidence of that. Or are you just talking a load of cobblers?
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    I'm talking cobblers... sorry!! Paul is a colleague of mine at college, and easy to wind up. Schilke sopranos are fine instruments ;)
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    I thought it was strange given their reputation for excellent engineering! :)
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    I'll never hear the last of that now... Schilke.. excellent engineering....:eek:


    I'll stick to my trombone.... ! ;)
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    Schlike make trombones now... So many ways to spend all your money!