Unique presents...How about your favourite march, hymn or band name? You Decide!

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    [TD]For the Ultimate Unique Gift that YOU choose! Gents, get in the wife's good books and ladies, have something nice around the home.Here are the steps;

    1. Choose Your Words (ie. I Love You, You and Me, Adam and Sue, Supercalifragilistic etc etc) or choose one of the stock ones above
    2. Up to 12 letters, backing and frame are ONLY £29.99
    3. For any art over 12 letters, we charge .50p per letter extra
    4. Receive a picture which your friends and family will admire, which the person that you buy it for will love AND....its lots cheaper than ANY you will find in gift shops and with us, you are able to choose your own words.

    • If you want a stock item from the art above above, then here are the prices..(all plus p+p)
    • Cottage De Retraite £39.00
    • Love You £29.99
    • Friendship £49.99
    • Sister £29.99
    • Faith, Home, Love, Peace £29.99

    These are sent well wrapped and protected and are posted very quickly.
    You won't be disappointed
    Give a unique present this year and one that no-one else has

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