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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by YorkshireBand, Aug 30, 2011.

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    Morning all.

    We have recently set up The Yorkshire Band of The Royal British Legion and whilst we have a certain amount of kit and uniforms we are still needy in some areas.
    The band is primarily set up to focus the public's attention to the superb work that the RBL do on behalf of ex Soldiers, Sailors and the Air Force and also to raise money for the cause. However, the band is also an up and coming concert and marching band.

    Despite our best efforts, we are still short in some of the areas of kit and one of the big ones is uniform. If anyone has uniform or any kit which they are happy to pass on to our cause then we would be very grateful indeed.

    Many Thanks for your consideration

    The Yorkshire Band of The Royal British Legion
  2. YorkshireBand

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    A HUGE thank you to Oldham Lees Brass Band for helping us out with uniforms. We are really very grateful for your help and indebted to you.
    So, onwards and upwards, we are also really in need of a marching bass drum, Cymbals, Side drum and a drum majors mace.
    If anyone can help, again, as a band that supports the Royal British Legion, We would be eternally grateful.
    Thanks in advance
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    With thanks again to TMP'ers, we are now only in need of finding a Drum Majors Mace and Marching Cymbals. If anyone knows of a band having a clear out then please give us a shout.

  4. YorkshireBand

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    Once again a huge thanks to the bands who have helped us. I'm currently looking to purchase 30 music stands if anyone has spares or knows of a good deal?
  5. YorkshireBand

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    Does anyone know where we can buy the A5 marching folders from? They are usually black and spiral bound with some 30 clear plastic pages inside?
  6. The Wherryman

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    Have you tried an Internet search? This site came up on the first page on Google, or you could try this one.
  7. YorkshireBand

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  8. Hi, we have some music for sale about 140 pieces at the moment, still trawling through our library to weed out more parts. If you are interested please email me on colinjagcol@aol.co.uk and I can send you a list of what we have, see what you think and make us an offer.
  9. YorkshireBand

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    Brilliant...thanks. Email on its way:)

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