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  1. knocker1606

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    I'm looking for a company who can provide me with a quote for a set of reversible waistcoats for a Training Band I help with. I need to provide various quotes for a grant application I'm completing - any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. uniforms

    Try KROAKE they have a selection and a good price, run by band people


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  4. Clyde Slider

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    We've today visited "Skoolkit" at Eastleigh, Hampshire, and found them to be very helpful, no minimum orders, large variety of clothing, etc. Just google the name!!
  5. Rapier

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    Anyone know if they still exist? Emails get bounced back and no response on the phone.

  6. ashwortdn

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    Yes they do, if you pm frontman he will provide his phone number for you to contact him..

  7. Frontman

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    E mail me at ashwortd@googlemail.com or phone 07785257129.
  8. Rapier

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    Thanks. Spoke to the nice man yesterday, although I did struggle to understand him. Being from the South I only speak English. :)
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    Give Bandbox a try they make all of our S A uniforms on 01603 868 314
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