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    :clap: Hi Everyone

    I dont know if this is an unusual request or whether this is the correct forum but here goes and thanks for reading. I'm hoping that someone on here has been in the same predicament and can advise.

    The WestYorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Band is travelling to Ypres, Belgium on the 9th December for a 4 day tour of the area, culminating in our attendance at the Armistice parade at the Menin Gate, Ypres.
    Since 1928, the Last Post has been sounded at the Menin Gate every evening, as a tribute to the memory of the soldiers who fell in the Great War of 1914-1918. The honour of sounding the Last Post was bestowed upon the local volunteer Fire Brigade and the ceremony was only interrupted during the German occupation during the Second World War. Polish forces liberated Ypres on 6th September 1944, and that evening the ceremony was resumed.

    The WYFRS Band has the honour of playing a major part at this ceremony on the 11th November which of course is Armistice Day.
    We believe that this is a fantastic and unique opportunity and one which we know will be attended by thousands of spectators.
    For our part, fundraising for a trip like this has been difficult but, with various events including a 24 hour ‘playathon’ at Asda in Pudsey, we have managed to self fund the complete trip.
    However, we do have another hurdle to overcome.
    The band’s uniforms as you can imagine are one of the most costly elements and having spent this year updating uniforms at considerable expense we are clearly keen to look after them.
    This is why we are looking for uniform/suit covers and the reason for my writing on this site.
    Does anyone have any information or advice on where I would be obtain 35 suit/uniform covers?
    We are more than open to sponsorship and carrying around logo/branded covers and in return can offer advertising through our extensive travel throughout Yorkshire, the North East and North West.

    Alongside this, we would like to offer some further incentives in return for help.
    Our website www.wyfrsband.com is currently receiving in excess of 1500 hits per month and we would place a text and a logo (including a link) outlining sponsorship on the website. Also, we would like to offer some free tickets to one of our forthcoming concerts and again, a thanks and an advertisement in our concert programme.

    Thanks for any help

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    It really depends upon what sort of quality you are looking for. If you want cheap and cheerful our band bought them in packs of three from the local pound shop. Not particularly good quality but they lasted a few months and we equiped the whole band for less than £15.

    On the other hand my hubby bought his from Argos. He paid around £10 for a good quality leather case, built in carrying straps etc. It should last him years but obviously a lot more expensive to equip a full band with them