UniBrass Composers Competition

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  1. trianglegirl

    trianglegirl New Member

    UniBrass are launching a competition to find a new composition, written by a young composer, to be performed at UniBrass 2012 on Saturday 18th February.

    The piece will be premiered before the results of the contest are announced, and also used in workshops due to be held the following day. On top of hearing their work performed at the UniBrass Championships next February, the winning composer will receive of prize of £2000. Their composition will also be published by Devilish Publishing.

    For more information check out our website http://www.unibrass.co.uk/composition.htm . Any queries can be asked here or emailed to unibrass@hotmail.co.uk .

    This contest is open to composers aged 25 or under on 31st October 2011 (closing date).

    Best of luck guys!
  2. Andy Moore

    Andy Moore Member

    Will there be prize money for the winning band next year?
  3. trianglegirl

    trianglegirl New Member

    No, unfortunately due to our funding with the Arts Council we cannot provide a cash prize for bands.
  4. euphsrock

    euphsrock Member

    Does it have to be an original tune? Or can it be based on say a hymn tune?
  5. trianglegirl

    trianglegirl New Member

    Being based on a hymn tune is absolutely fine :)
  6. TonyW

    TonyW Supporting Member

    I`m 69 going on 25 - can I enter?

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