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  1. Hi,
    Im going to uni later in the year and i was wondering about instruments. I was thinking about buying a new instrument but im worried about the possibility that it could get nicked. Can anyone give me some advice about security stuff etc and insurance of instruments at uni.
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    I know that Endsleigh (endsleigh.co.uk) do some good sutdent insuranse deals, including instrument cover. I'd give the site a look.
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    yea.... and depending on where you're going, the secrurity in Halls is usually pretty good... with locks on ya bedroom doors etc.... so long as you don't leave it on show lying around unattented I wouldn't worry...
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    Just a quick note we are thinking of buying a new instrument and looking round the likes of Normans and other website came across the APS (Assisted Purchase Scheme) where students can buy instruments for your own use only through your school without paying the VAT (17.5%).
  5. Insurance

    DEFINATELY worth getting it insured! Chances are, if you get it insured, nothing will happen to it anyway. As well as being insured against theft, it'll be covered against damage etc...
    The cheapest insurance I found was with Brass Band Insurance Services, they were charging half the price that everyone else was. It cost me £15 to insure an instrument valued at £1400, and it's covered to be left in my car.
    If you're going to spend a few hundred (or even thousand) pounds on an instrument, what's an extra £15?
    Alternatively, if you get contents insurance for all of your belongings, it may work out even cheaper to insure it with these, although with some policies it may not be covered if it's not in the house etc..., you'd have to check!
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    Before you rush into getting uni insurance, most acomodations will already insure you up to a certain value. (In Hull Uni accomodation your belongings are insured up to the value of £3,000 or £1,500 for an individual item, so you dont need to purchase more insurance.)
    Also check your home insurance because my cornet is covered under my home insurance and is insured away from home as well. Thus if someone did nick it, my home contents insurance would cover it.

    Not always necessary to purchase instrument insurance.
  7. Im probably going to Aberystwyth which i think is probably a safe place (does anyone know what the music scene is like there?). I might end up taking a flugel, cornet and a trumpet.
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    if it helps, i just got a euph and it's insured in my name with endsleigh - their policy does cover being left in a car, thank god :)

    our college actually has a locked room which only music students have swipe cards to - don't unis have anything similar?

    if anything does get stolen at least you can post it on tmp :):)