Underage drinking.

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  1. sugarandspice

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    I am begining to form the basis of some research im doing for social studies into underage drinking, obviously i figured i'd take a brass band approach to the topic!

    I would say one of the main factors which contributes to peoples enjoyment of the brass banding world, aside from the actual music making is the social side. This predominatly leads to the consumption of alcohol (I'm not saying everyone in a brass band drinks, however i think it is clear the majority do!) - be it after band practice, at contests/concerts or purely organising a band social. I think it is also safe to say a certain amount of people go to a contest (whether they are playing or not) purely for the alcohol+social combination. Tmp is clearly riddled with references to alcohol with threads/posts and signatures dedicated purely to the consumption of alcohol. Obviously i am not writing all this in a disapproving manner- I for one know how much i drink and know i dont have a problem with it.

    However, Youth is being promoted more so now than ever before within the Brass banding world, therefore my point is what effect will the drinking culture of the brass banding world have on the Youth entering into this movement. Will younger members of bands be influenced to drink and what will the effect of this be?

    Any thoughts?
  2. Pythagoras

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    I think in this respect banding mirrors current society as a whole. Drinking plays a large part in most social activities, so the youth of today are bound to be exposed to it in virtually anything they pursue. Can see what you are saying though. I remember at Butlins the kids in bands were surrounded by adults drinking, but that's inevitable in something in which people of all ages participate.
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    I agree with Pythagoras. The good thing about Brass Banding is that involves people of all ages and backgrounds and consequently we will all be exposed to influences that we wouldn't otherwise have been. It's also fair to say that not all bands / people in bands have a drinking culture. It's like work - I've worked in a few different offices and some have a dinking culture and some don't.
    I also think it's important to protect the younger members of the band - I'm afraid I wouldn't be comfortable if there was a lot of underage drinking on a band event.
  4. TheMusicMan

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    Yes absolutely, I most certainly do have a thought here.

    That is such a sweeping generalisation if ever I saw one Kelly, and personally I think that line highlighted is out of order and could so very easily be taken out of context.

    I make no apology for being sensitive here, but..... :mad:
  5. Chunky

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    Firstly I do not feel Youth entering the movement will be influenced to anymore by being in a band. When I first started playing I used to go in the pub after engaements / rehearsals with my parents or elder members of the band and never once was I influenced to drink.

    Also at Butlins I do not remeber seeing too many drunken youths about or even youngsters trying to get drinks.

    Although most members of our band like a drink, I do not think they would actively encourage youngsters to drink. Any that did would be swiftly dealt with.

    As for your comment about knowing how much you and drink and are comfortable with. In most cases we all are. However an alcoholic, and not for one moment suggesting you are as I don't know you, is comfortable with the amount they drink until they recognise and admit it to being a problem.
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  6. DaveR

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    In fairness John, sweeping generalisation or not she is probably right. Just look at any thread discussing a contest - constant references to being in the bar, having celebratory or commiseratory drinks. We even have a thread called "What are you drinking", which although containing posts such as coffee and diet coke etc, I would imagine is mainly alchohol related. Yes, you can go to a bar for a coffee or a diet coke, but I suspect most people don't.

    I agree the statement could be taken out of context but so could virtually every statement that gets posted on here. Substitute Kelly's statement for heroine or cannabis or something and I agree you would have legitimate problem. However, speaking as someone who reads virtually every post on tMP :oops: I don't think you need to worry overmuch that this particular comment would give the wrong impression of the site.

    Just my two penn'orth. :oops:
  7. Tom-King

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    Personally speaking, I was introduced to beer by banding - but in a sensible way.

    At <cough> years old I went on a trip to Germany with Tewkesbury band, where we spent a lot of social time together, and I was introduced to beer.

    I don't think there could have been a better introduction though, since I was always encouraged to be sensible about things and because of the way things are in banding, everything was reasonable (I was looked after and advised not to drink too much, which I didnt) and noone behaved overly stupidly having drunk large amounts. Also, being advised not to drink too much, I learned to make it last, and this means that I dont drink too quickly and get through a lot in one sitting (if this makes sense).

    This (to my mind) is a much better introduction to alcohol than being introduced to drink on the street with groups of younger, more immature people (not that all banders are old) - who might well get rather wild and over the top.
  8. six pints

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    With regards to underage drinking, it does go on in the brass band world, but then, it also goes on in the world in general! Even just walking to the train station last night i walked past a couple of groups of teenagers drinking cans. Teenagers will drink when legally they shouldn't. And maybe its better if they do that surrounded by adults who arent going to let anything happen to them (or let them get too wasted!) then out on the streets, in parks, or even out with people their own age in pubs. That way they can be introduced into drinking in a more "controlled" environment, and with people that can keep an eye on them.
    Of course, I'm not saying that we should let 8 years olds be downing pints along with the 30 year olds. But letting a 16/17 year old have a drink and be encouraged to drink sensibly will probably have more benefit then saying u can't drink at all. Then they will just rebel and do whatever the hell they want!
  9. dyl

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    We're not saying that such comments don't exist on tMP - far from it - in fact the social side of banding is the most enjoyable one to a lot of people and they have a right to discuss it - but it's the use of phrases such as Kelly's "Tmp is clearly riddled with references" and your own "constant references" are what we take offence at - even a quick look at the recent Butlins thread would find the number of posts related to drinking to be very small in comparison to the contest discussion. All we're asking for is some fairness here and not use strong wording that imply that the majority of discussions on tMP involve the discussion of drinking alcohol - the reality is, in fact, much the opposite.
  10. DaveR

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    Sorry, I maybe should have said regular, rather than constant. Anyway, I'm butting out of this discussion, having nothing further to add.
  11. horn-girlie

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    I wouldn't say that banding got me into underage drinking at all. sure I drank a fair bit on tours etc when I was underage, but I would have done the same if it had been a school tour or holiday. And I can't remember ever feeling pressurised into drinking when I was younger, I'm fairly sure I had the odd drinks with family/friends before I did with bands. Although having shots of firewater on a tour of europe when I was 12 was certainly an experience ... tehe
  12. Tom-King

    Tom-King Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean, but at the same time - while not feeling pressurised, in banding you may find yourself in more social situations where it appeals to you?
  13. horn-girlie

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    maybe ... but I think there's less pressure in a band than in certain social groups in schools, where the 'norm' for some 13/14 year olds is to spend nights drinking cider on street corners. And I know of a fair few people - some under 18, some not, who will very rarely drink at band do's.
  14. Pythagoras

    Pythagoras Active Member

    Nor me
  15. BigHorn

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    Many youngsters going out for the night will get totally tanked up in a pub before going to the main event such as a night club or a football match.
    At least with banding the drinking is after the event - not before and during. So the hours are usually limited and the age mix is such that if they overdo it a bit there will always be a mature voice to give warnings, provide a lift home etc.
  16. six pints

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    ...and going to band (and doing other activities) means that people in bands dont do this, cos, theyre at band, not drinking cider. because they cant be in two places at once. if u see what i mean. only one place at one time. which isnt on the street corners. its at band. :)

    (at least for a couple of nights a week)
  17. I didn't drink at banding events with my youth band, but not long after I joined an 'adult' band, it just felt like I was missing out being the only one not with a pint in their hand...and its a slippery slope....:rolleyes:
  18. Tracey

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    I was certainly introduced to drinking through banding at a fairly young age but it was always felt that it was in a more controlled environment because you were with people of all ages and not drinking on street corners!

    I'm a ward sister on a Gastroenterology ward and certainly see the affects of drinking at any age, but over the past few years have nursed several people in their early 20's who have lost their lives to drink.
  19. Bryan_sop

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    I was never incouraged or discouraged to drink when I was younger. My parent's attitude was that they'd rather me and my brothers have a drink with them or other (adult) friends and family than, as previously mentioned, going and getting off our faces in a park/street corner. Tell a teenager they can't do something that all their mates are doing, and they'll just rebel and do it anyway and who knows what the consequences will be!

    Having said that, I didn't start drinking with my band until I was about 16, I'd been drinking before that socially with family and friends. I always used to have a shandy with my Grandad when we'd been working in the Garden at the weekend and I was always allowed a small glass of wine with christmas dinner. I think that because of the way I was treated with regards to alcohol, I always respected my folks and asked if I could have a drink if I was at a party or whatever!
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  20. ploughboy

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    Already in the thread we have 4 alcohol signatures, and one alcohol name! oh, and as an aside this years winner of best signature was "Give a man a pint, he'll drink for 10 minutes, Sit him in a brass band and he'll drink for life!"

    I started drinking at college not really related to brass bands, but have always enjoyed the social side of banding as much as the musical side!!