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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by youngman, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. youngman

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    Having been at band tonight, i have witnessed the most unbelievable out burst aimed at the bands M.D. which i can only describe as damn right rude. You know who you are lady (???) I hope you are hanging your head in shame and will be phoning with an apology to the offended party asap.
    Is this behaviour common in other bandrooms ? :evil:
  2. HBB

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    Certain player threw a right tantrum. Not naming any names. Slammed his instrument down and started shouting at the MD. Later Broke down and ran out the door. Never saw him again. Still hear from him though ... :twisted:.

    It's horrid when things get like this!
  3. Despot

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    Not in more recent years, although it did happen frequently in times past!

    You have to respect the person in front, no matter what you think of him or her personally. Certainly in our band, you are expected to sit and listen to what the conductor says, and if there is a problem, talk to him or her aside.

    There would have to be a really good reason before I'd ever agree with an outburst at practise. All something like that does is damage the morale of the band. People have come to play music, not listen to a screaming session.
  4. Okiedokie of Oz

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    Had one situation almost 6 months back where, I was working with the basses on the timing of an entry, and they couldn't find beat 2. All of a sudden, one BB flat player yelled at me about having no idea what I was saying as he was deaf.....he's never mentioned it before, and never since.
  5. lynchie

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    much better to keep rants to a quiet one-on-one... you don't have to accept everything the guy with the stick says, but a quick slanging match in rehearsal is probably not the best way to display your disapproval. Much better to have a word in the pub... or throw a horn at him...
  6. Di B

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    Twas not me! :lol:

    I'll keep my own opinions off here however! :shock: :shock: :shock:
  7. Dave Euph

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    No rants but I do know of some people who try and extend their authority over the band, which irritates me. But that's OT.

    So no, not recently, not ever. But I wouldn't be surprised if it did happen one of these days. :?
  8. Chris BENTHAM

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    Have been present in the last 5 years when two brothers who conduct bands at the elite end have on seperate occasions had huge outbursts in our bandroom.

    One was directed at me personally and the other at the whole band.

    Sometimes you just have to take it and bow to their superior musicianship. To me it showed they both cared and wanted to win.

    Chris BENTHAM - Solo Trom
    Reg Vardy (Ever Ready) Band
  9. floral_dance

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    Never known that to happen. Have sat quietly fuming and counted the seconds to get home and open a bottle of wine, rant and rave at poor hubby for twenty minutes then calmed down, returning to rehearsal next practice as if nothing had upset me. :wink:
  10. brasscrest

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    There should NEVER be personal attacks made in the presence of the rest of the group. If someone wants to rant you personally, they should do it when the rest of the group is not around. This type of attack is destructive to any group. The only thing worse is to personally attack someone when they are not present at all, or in a public forum.

    Superior musicianship does NOT necessarily give one the right to behave badly. It may be true that the outburst in question ended up being a net benefit to the group, but this is a rare result. In a top section band, where winning may be the accepted goal of everyone in the group, a bit of explosion might be constructive. But for most groups, this type of action is destructive and divisive.
  11. Dave Payn

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    To me, this highlights the fact that at top section banding level, even if I could play or conduct to that level, I'm not sure I'd want to know. I want my bands to do well musically. I want my bands to win contests they enter. I used to (as a young whippersnapper conductor who thought he knew more than he did) try to shout my way to getting a performance. It never worked. I suppose it works for some if they've got that in their character and can carry it off convincingly. I can't. As I've got older and I hope a little better, conducting wise, I've discovered that without molly-coddling, coaxing performances by imparting my knowledge and interpretation effectively (or at least, to the best of my ability) works better than trying to force one by losing your rag. I'm not criticising the MDs concerned in Chris B's incidents, but it just isn't me, I'm afraid. If I get to the stage where I shout and b$llock someone or a band, then I'm convinced that I've lost the band. If I can't convince certain idlers, wind up merchants, non concentrators etc. that overall, I can get them to overcome their faults and have to resort to shouting and screaming, then I've lost the battle.

    Indeed, I left my wind band (Barnet) last September for a similar reason. I didn't shout at them so much, but a number of factors led me, at what turned out to be my last rehearsal, to throw a load of scores across a room and spend the rest of the rehearsal in a bad mood (they weren't contesting, and their next concert was a few months away so it wasn't a case of pressure of performance!) I hadn't truly lost my rag conducting a rehearsal for many, many years prior to that (occasionally irritable, sure, but plaers and conductors alike do that when things don't go according to plan!) and I knew then it was time for me to go and for the band to seek a new leader, and it subsequently proved (for me) to be the right decision, as I was sure it did for the band.

    But still, the earlier example may well be regular at top section level, so as I said, I'm NOT criticising, just saying why it ain't for me!
  12. ScrapingtheBottom

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    There is no excuse for losing it in front of people and saying some personal invective, especially if you are the MD. However, telling the whole band that they are a bunch of useless b@$t&^ds is fine by me - as long as its not personal :wink:.
  13. Ian

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    Yes, there was just such an outburst at our band a few months ago which was significant in the run-up to us losing our last conductor. The person responsible was one of our committee members who thought he knew better than the MD but was well exceeding his authority and should have known better. The annoying thing is that this person is still doing the same committee job and has not been sanctioned in any way. There should be no petty politics or personal vendettas in banding - we get involved for our pleasure, not to be made to feel uncomfortable by idiots.
  14. yorkie19

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    That has to work both ways! :twisted:

  15. Keppler

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    you don't have to tell us yorkie.... (memories of an old (sacked) conductor)
  16. Aidan

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    never any insulting remarks in our bandroom ;)
    as long as it's all done jokingly and not just offensive for the sake of it then I personally dont see the problem.. everyone just has a laugh and gets on with it
  17. Despot

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    Yep, the MD has to show respect, and not treat the players as if they are some lower form of life. We had an MD like that, arrogant beyond belief, quote.... "you were nothing 'til I came along"! Didn't last to much longer after that comment, and we've done rather better since he left! :twisted:
  18. brasscrest

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    Not just the MD. Everyone needs to respect everyone else. A band is a cooperative enterprise. It's difficult to make great music when the group is not operating in a pattern of mutual respect.
  19. bigmamabadger

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    No major rants as yet (although have experienced severe and personal attacks in previous bands), our biggest problem at the moment is CHATTERING! Some people don't know when to keep a lid on it. Are you listening StabbyJnr?!!! :wink:
  20. brasscrest

    brasscrest Active Member

    Enough chattering might provoke an outburst :D