Unacceptable behaviour?

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  1. EuphStar

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    I’ve recently been considering getting back into banding after a break due to change of career. Now I’ve finished my evening course I have the time, although still left wondering if I have the inclination.

    A couple of times this year I have helped bands out and there have been several other deps there. The behaviour of some of the people there was frankly unprofessional and these deps seemed only to be doing it and getting away with it since they weren’t with their own band and therefore thought that they couldn’t be told off. The sorts of things these people were doing was drinking in between performances and using foul and abusive language to each other in front of the general public, generally messing about, which I don’t think paints a very good picture of the band they are representing.

    Also on one of these occasions, the conductor shouted at one of the members of the band so that others could hear. I felt that this was both unnecessary and unprofessional and without knowing the full ins and outs of what has been said by who (I don’t want to know either) previously as I don’t think that really matters, I don’t think that this is the sort of behaviour that should be displayed at a public event.

    I feel that our movement is suffering because some act like idiots leaving the public with the perception that brass bands are full of drunken wasters who don’t really take what they do seriously and that it is just a vehicle for being able to lark around. No wonder people would rather go and watch a game of cricket or an orchestra.
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  5. I agree not a good picture for the public, hopefully the bands won't be asking these deps again or if they do, give them a warning and then if the behaviour persists, drop them.
  6. EuphStar

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    No problem, I don't know why it happened?!?! :-?
  7. brassbandmaestro

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    That is totally unaccetable behaviour. I hope that band wont be giving them a second chance! Not good publicity for the bands that these deps came from.
  8. EuphStar

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    That's what I felt - totally unacceptable. These people - including the conductor were likely to be paid for depping, (which isn't the issue) and behave like that. Also, if I'd have been spoken to that badly I wouldn't have put up with it.
  9. PeterBale

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    Whilst I agree that the behaviour described is unacceptable, it should be said that the same thing can happen the other way round, ie band members showing themselves up in front of deps who are helping them out. This can come across in all sorts of ways, particularly in disparaging comments about the music being played, especially in a bandstand type programme, which to my mind is very disruptive, and is likely to put the dep off from any thoughts they may have had of joining the band in question.

    If you do have deps helping out, everyone should make a special effort to put on a good show, and make the guest players feel at home.
  10. eanto

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    That's works OK until they find out what you're really like.....:biggrin:
  11. brassbandmaestro

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    When my band has deps, we always make them especially welcome and announce it at the end or at a conveniant point in the programme.
  12. BoBo

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    It seems to me that the money was more important than the music to these deps at which point it does become an issue.
  13. 2nd man down

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    Snap. So do we.
  14. Thirteen Ball

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    Whether you're a dep or a regular member, surely you owe it to yourself and your band to remain professional and composed at all times? Whether it's a park job, march contest or the albert hall stage while you're wearing your band colours (or just as importantly, anyone else's band colours) you have a duty not to sully them by your behaviour.

    The 11th commandment: Be Professional.
  15. mikelyons

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    I'm not sure professional is the right term to use in these circumstances. Ordinary simple decency towards other people is more like it. Especially those whom they are supposed to be helping out - not to mention their audiences.

    The reverse is also true. Deps should be treated with respect and gratitude for helping a band out - after all, you would be in a mess without them!
  16. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    So perhaps, dipping into your reply "Respectful" Is a better word Mike?

    When I use the word "Professional" personally I do imply respect within that, but I'll agree it's not obvious from what I've written.
  17. Name and shame. This is un-acceptable. Like being back in a playground. Maybe they should join a youth band
  18. mikelyons

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    I tend to reserve 'professional' for those who are paid a lot of money to play on a regular basis and... ;-)

    I think many deps (particularly in the lower sections) do it on an ad hoc basis. Professional would imply they made a career out of it. That kind of pro would, I hope, treat bands with respect and expect to be treated respectfully in return - otherwise they would soon run out of income.
  19. Thirteen Ball

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    That's precisely what I was trying to say - but in different words.

    One does not have to be a professional player in order to behave in a professional manner.
  20. MoominDave

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    A professional manner = playing as professionals do, yes?

    Getting blind drunk before a concert, obviously reading a book during tacet movements in concert in a piece where you are a soloist and sat at the front, throwing up on stage, urinating on stage...

    These are all (rare, I should note) incidents of behaviour by professional musicians that I've either seen or had related to me by someone who did. I think that here, as quite often on tMP and in conversation with brass banders, the word 'professional' is invested with connotations of perfection that are a bit inaccurate.

    I quite agree with your last sentence, Andi, but I think that the meaning I take from it is not quite the meaning that you intended...