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  1. Deltabrass

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    Not sure if this thread has been done or not, but if you were able to pick a CD programme to record, what would you choose?
  2. KMJ Recordings

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    It has....by me a while ago....and I think even then it was the 2nd time out ;)
  3. Roger Thorne

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  4. KMJ Recordings

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    And I never really got what I was looking for then IIRC :D
  5. Deltabrass

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  6. Sonny Barker

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    Surely, this thread has a bit of mileage in it! New music, new performers, etc.
  7. DocFox

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    I agree. I was extraordinarily impressed with the CD "Land of Ours" with the Cory Band and Cantorion (male choir) directed by Karl Jenkins.


    This hit number one on the Classical Charts, probably due to Karl Jenkins influence. But it is a beautiful blending of brass and voice. Several tracks just by the Cory Band also that are just wonderful.

    I have the privilege of owning more than 180 brass band CDs due to owning the radio station. It is an EXPENSIVE privilege at times :sup but still, I have lots of CDs. This one has been one I have greatly been impressed by in the "recent recordings" category.

    I would be amiss if I didn't mention it is available from tMP sponsor Midland CD

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  8. DocFox

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    Opps, I misread the thread. I read it as "recent recordings" rather than what you would record. Oh well, I will stand by my comments albeit answering a tangential question.

    On the topic at hand, I have found it interesting that less Star Trek and Sci-Fi music is not recorded. Star Wars has been recorded quite often. That and Western music. There was a ton of great music in "Paint Your Wagon" and other classical westerns. I recently bought a CD with the Star Trek theme to Deep Space Nine on it.

    I think a "Classical Western Themes" CD would be nice.

    There, I stayed on topic. Now maybe the tMP police won't knock on my door late at night :redface:

  9. John Brooks

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    Not exactly recent recordings, but I have Grimethorpe playing the themes from "The Big Country" and "The Magnificent Seven", both arranged by Denzil Stephens that would be good candidates for your idea.

    Jim, you also mentioned earlier having 250 CD's and it being expensive (especially on this side of the Ocean). I couldn't agree more. I've got about 1000 band CD's (and I'm broke to prove it!). Most are "original" CD's but about 100 or so are CD-R's I've made from my former extensive LP collection. I've been collecting for over 40 years.

    Personally, I would like to hear the theme from "The West Wing" TV series.
  10. James Yelland

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    1.A CD of Judith Bingham's five original works for band.
    2. A CD with a maritime theme: The Maunsell Forts (John McCabe), Ian Wilson's Seascape with High Cliffs, Ray Steadman-Allen's Seascapes (perhaps with the words of the poem intoned over the opening bars of each movement), Adrian Cruft's Traditional Hornpipe Suite (a lost gem), and one other to be decided - but definitely not James Cook, Circumnavigator, which has been done to death.
    3. A CD with a Shakespearean them - Caliban (Arthur Butterworth), Illustrations (Phyllis Tate), Macbeth (Peter Meechan), VW's Henry V Overture (done loads of times but of sufficient quality to merit another recording, I think), Falstaff (Andrew Powell), and one or two others, although preferably not those very old brown contributions from people like Maldwyn Price.

    Now that I think of it, can you have three ultimate CDs? Probably not.
  11. brassneck

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    Maybe not classed as the 'ultimate' CD, but I would like to see a commemorative return of a couple of recordings ...

    (1) Grimethorpe Special ... Grimethorpe Aria, Ragtimes & Habaneras, Garden Rain and Fireworks (with narration)
    (2) The Trumpets (Vinter)
  12. brassbandmaestro

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    How about something completly different for brass bands to do, I was thinking on the lines of South American music. There is a whole new repertoire out there. Ive put in a publicity thingey in The Auditorium about it. Or even Bollywood.
  13. PeterBale

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    Dug out this old thread having seen this week's BB: hot on the heels of the Grimethorpe's re-released items listed above (apart from Fireworks) comes a reissue of Black Dyke's recording of "The Trumpets", together with other Vinter items including John O'Gaunt" and "Spectrum" - due for release on 24th January.

    Also, Richard Marshall, Philip Cobb, Owen Farr and David Childs have recorded vinter's brass quartets, same release date.
  14. DocFox

    DocFox Retired

    Not really "brass band" music.
  15. HBB

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    Like seriously huh?

    Grimethorpe Special ... Grimethorpe Aria, Ragtimes & Habaneras, Garden Rain and Fireworks (with narration)

    All amazing brass band pieces, by fantastic, internationally renowned composers (except for Garden Rain), who did nothing but give brass band's a slightly better light.

    So, once again - huh!?
  16. DocFox

    DocFox Retired

    I give you that, but you misquoted me (well, and incomplete quote). What about "The Trumpets (Vinter)" which are really quintet music.

    I have not heard Grimethrope do that piece. It does sound intriguing.

  17. brassbandmaestro

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    Doc Fox, what do you mean by "not brass band music"?
  18. DocFox

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    When I first started the station, I included Minzoil, River City Brass, the Canadian Brass, the London Trumpet sound, etc.

    Holy cow, I got creamed for not playing brass music in the traditional form. Lots of music came down and listenership shot way up. I play a bit of non-traditional now. Just a dab. Things like Cory and Cantorian, studio record drum and bugle corps, etc.

    Now my definition was a little wider until WHAM, I got blasted.

    But in reality, I am a Yankee and I don't play in a band. In actuality, unless I start a thread, you should ignore me. I'll shut up.

  19. Brass band does NOW 55
  20. KMJ Recordings

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    Doesn't a certain publisher do CDs like that already? ;)