Ultimate Brass Solo Recordings (Not Band)

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    ROBTHEDOG Member

    Maybe this has been done before but I was just putting a few CD's onto my iTunes.. and thought - what are my Top 5 Ultimate Brass recordings: (Today as we know tomorrow it will change)

    1 Malcom McNab - EXQUISITE is a revolutionary and magnificent recording featuring music of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, Bach, Zappa, and Broughton.

    2 Joe Alessi - TROMBONASTICS

    3 Arturo Sandaval - NO PROBLEM (Live at Ronnie Scotts) WOW..
    Can see listing on Artro's WEB but several on Amazon and ebay

    4 Maurice Andre - FANTASIES & POLKA'S
    Amazing subtle playing from the main man

    5 Roger Bobo ANY of the MANY !!! A true relolutionary for the Tuba.

    Others to whet your appetite

    * Christian Lindberg (My favourite is the Berio off the Birtuoso Trombone)
    * Wynton Marsalis (We all kow the Carnival Album..)
    * Bill Watrous (live at Pizza Express in London is No1)
    * James Morrison (Just got SCREAM MACHINE...)
    * Maynard Fergason (Just TOO much to choose from..)

  2. Jacob Larsen

    Jacob Larsen Member

    Must be...

    "Modern Swedish Trunmpet Concertos" - with Håkan Hardenberger...
    "Bach 2000" - German Brass...
    "New York Legend" - Philip Smith...
    "Kind of Blue" - Miles Davis...
  3. Space Cowboy

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    Wycliffe Gordon Trombone.

    His recording of LoverMan with the BBBC is amazing. I also saw him at the ITF 2006 in Birmingham with Yorkshire Imps and he was incredible. I know these have band accompaniment but he is a supreme Jazz player.
  4. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    In my collection are two stunning recordings by Urbie Green backed by 20 trombones. Also some great stuff by Doc Severinsen and Gerard Schwarz playing the Haydn and Hummel Concerto's.

    ROBTHEDOG Member

    Yep good Jacob call on the Håkan Hardenberger stuff. I have three albums, really like the Endless Parade album with the Birtwistle,Maxwell Davies & Blake Watkins. I saw him years ago at the ITG event n London and he does it live as well as in the studio.

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