Two world premieres in one night!

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    THE United Co-op Yorkshire Brass Band is continuing with its ethos of stretching the boundaries and performing new music, with the world premiere of two new works at its forthcoming concert in Central Methodists Church, Brighouse on 2 July, a concert that forms part of the weekend of music-making that incorporates Brighouse March and Hymn Tune Contest.
    The two new works are from the pens of Andrew Cook and Richard Grantham and the band has previously premiered other works by the composers in the last 12 months. Midwinter 1610 by Andrew Cook is a charming piece depicting the great winter that struck the country in 1610, a winter alleged to have been one of the worst ever.
    The second work receiving its world premiere is Veni Creator (Thomas Tallis) by Richard Grantham. The band recently recorded Richard’s work Gothic and Veni Creator is a totally different style of work based on the wonderful, melodic tunes of the great Tallis.
    Describing the piece Richard Grantham said: “Veni Creator is a fantasy on a theme attributed to the English musician Thomas Tallis (1510-1585). The title in Latin literally means ‘Come, O creator Spirit’ and the work certainly is imbued with the spirit of the first verse:
    “Come, O creator Spirit, come,
    And make within our hearts thy home:
    To us thy grace celestial give,
    Who of thy breathing move and live!”
    The work begins with a full-band statement of the hymn tune as would be sung by a choir. From then onwards the melody and harmony are subject to variation and metamorphosis until the work ends in sombre mode with a simple statement of the opening phase by a solo cornet and tierce de picardy closing chord from a much reduced ensemble. The work should certainly be full of life!”
    Veni Creator is just one of the pieces that is in the catalogue for Richard’s newly created publishing company Innovo Music, a company dedicated to promoting Richard’s music and hopefully the music of other up and coming composers.
    You can visit the website for Innovo Music at

    For all enquiries contact Tabby Clegg at

    Tabby Clegg
    22 June 2005
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    Thanks to John, Tabby and all at Yorkshire Co-op for the premier. I'm sorry that I wasn't there, but I hear that it went well!!

    Richard Grantham
    Innovo Music

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