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    Hi all,

    I love brass band music dearly, the cheesey as well as the serious.

    I'm also a tuba Eb Bass player.

    One of my musical hobbies is to create virtual performances and I thought people might be interested in hearing two projects I've done/am working on.

    The first is Derek Bourgeois 2nd Brass band concerto - my absolute favourite Bourgeois and right up their in my top ten BB peices. It's amazing this work has not been commercially recorded. Scandalous even.

    Here is a link to an MP3 of a virtual performance of the first movement. 2nd Brass Band Concerto - 1st Movement.mp3

    It is not pure brass band sadly - french horns for tenor, wagner tubas for baritones. But the cornest are cornets. More about the performance can be found on the bourgeois tab of my website (just a hobby thing you understand) also where you can find out some info about how these were created if you're interested. I am working on the other two movements as we speak.

    The second work I hope some will listen to is my own Symphony For Brass Band - unperformed in the real world but you can here MP3s on my Sibelius Music website where you can also view the score sho0uld you wish.

    1st Movement "Sonata"
    2nd Movement "Concerto Grosso"
    3rd Movement "Three Songs"
    4th Movement "Symphony"

    There are also several tuba ensemble peices on my website under the Tuba tab.

    Apologies for the blatant self promotion in my first post but all these performances were created to be shared.

    Happy listening
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