Turris Fortissima (Steven Ponsford)

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    Turris Fortissima, as featured by Cory Band on their latest CD Enter the Galaxies, is now available to purchase in readiness for your band's autumn concerts.

    The geographical position of Plymouth (the composer's home city) means that, at various times in history, the city has been the United Kingdom's first line of defence. A series of forts around the coast bears testimony to this and forts have featured on the city's coat of arms ever since. However, the city's forefathers believed that physical security was worthless without a faith in God's protection and this is reflected in the city motto; Turris fortissima est nomen Jehovah (The name of Jehovah is our strongest tower) (Proverbs 18:10).

    Written for Enfield Citadel Band's tour of the USA in 2007, the music attempts to portray this assurance with the use of the tune Ein' Fest Burg (A mighty fortress is our God) along with the more contemporary Blessed be the Name of the Lord and Shout to the Lord. There is also an apt reference to Dean Goffin's My Strength, My Tower as the music builds to its dramatic final bars.

    Described as Quite a showcase by Kenny Crookston writing in British Bandsman.
  2. Hells Bones

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    This is an awesome piece.
    I really enjoyed it when I played it.
  3. westoe_horn

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    Heard the ISB play it last year and it's a fantastic piece of music
  4. carlwoodman

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    Really? To my knowledge, the ISB haven't played it in public.
  5. westoe_horn

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    You played it at Newcastle Temple last year. Day after the Sage job with black dyke. Unless im goin mad. Which is perfectly possible........!! ;)
  6. westoe_horn

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    I am goin mad....... Apologies Carl! I think i'm getting my Steven Ponsford pieces mixed up! Any way the piece is still excellent! :oops:
  7. jrshimmon

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    The Piece you heard was Christo Redentor. Same composer and they are both really very good pieces. Unfortunately I don't think I will get to play either of them any time soon. There is a performance of Turris Fortissima being played by Enfield SA Band at Consett.
  8. westoe_horn

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    Yes that's the one!
    Haha I bet i'm the first person to confuse Rio with Plymouth! ;)

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