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    Does anyone know where I can get a complete set of tunes and toast books that are not silly money. As all I seem to be able to find is buy them sepratally at £7.95 each which means it going to cost nearly £200 for the set which is to much.
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    I am afraid that is the cost, I have had to purchase a set for a band recently.
    They are covered by strict copyright.
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    They are quite good value for money considering how many tunes that are in them and how long they will last you.


    Thats all well and good but when the band has only been going 3 years and we have just brought our jackets the funds are very low and think if we should buy them at the moment it would wipe out all the rest off our funds
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    Thought Portsmouth City Band had been going since 1939?


    They have but I also play for Spinnaker Brass and its spinnaker that is new and need tunes and toasts
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    Hope no arranger/composers read that - a book of tunes priced at £7.95 and a set for £200 compares fairly well to the Christmas Carol books at about £7 each.

    A set of jackets? £100 to £200 each say £3,000 to £6,000 am I missing something?

    Spend thousands to look good but not £200 to buy some music surely you could get that back in a fee for one event?
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    A second-hand set appeared on ebay a few months ago and went for around £150, so, unless there is a kind benefactor out there (and we would love a set as well ;)), it's a matter of judging priorities.

    There are 100 titles listed, so that works out at £2 each tune, which is only good value if you are going to use them all.

    It might be an idea to go through the list and pick out the ones you would use and see if it is substantially cheaper to buy individual arrangements.
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    Out of interest do these books work for quintet in a similar way the carol books do? If so which books are the important ones :)
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    can someone please post a link for a whole set of these books. Also a link to see what titles are in them. many thanks
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    Hello Wendy,
    Do you want Tunes & Toasts specifically, or are you just looking for a set of pieces that'll work with anything from a quartet upwards?

    If it's the latter, you might want to consider our Book for All Occasions - it's a similar idea; lots of well-known tunes with the same flexibility but it's much more useful music, and it's cheaper too!

    It's full of everyday tunes like Liberty Bell, Pomp & Circumstance, classical favourites, wedding pieces, encores and the like, that'll work with anything from a four-piece to a full band.

    I can offer you a full printed band set (28 books + score) for £100. You'll find a full listing of the tunes, plus recordings and a few free downloads at

    PM me if you're interested!

    Matt Kingston
    Big Shiny Brass
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    Is this offer still on please?

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    Perhaps you could persuade your members to buy the books out of their own pocket? £200 from central funds is a fair sum; £7.95 from an individual's pocket isn't. Where I live £7.95 will buy a round of two and a half pints. The drinks will last about 20 minutes; the books will last rather longer.
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    Just out of interest, when are bands finding these books useful? I've never used them and always assumed that they are short 'theme only' versions of the tunes so not really useful for general concert work? Is that is mis-assumption?
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    We've recently bought a set with the intention of using them to enable us to say yes to lower-paying fete-type jobs - we can then send 7-10 players and play off T&Ts plus Matt Kingston's book. The arrangements are short, not hard, and, like the hymn and carol books, written so that many parts can be omitted without problem - perfect for a quarter of a band for an hour's playing.
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    DRW - I can's speak on behalf of Tunes & Toasts, but a lot of the tunes in the Book for All Occasions are longer than a 'theme only' version. For instance, you get the whole of Pomp & Circumstance March no. 1, not just the Land of Hope and Glory bit.

    You wouldn't want to do a whole bandstand session using just the BFAO, but it's jolly useful for padding out programmes, or for putting together a set for smaller groups when a full band isn't needed.
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    Hi I was interested in your post. Are you saying that "Tunes and Toasts" doesn't work for a small ensemble? Maureen