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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by TubaNewsRose, Feb 26, 2005.

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  1. TubaNewsRose

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    Hi TMP'ers! (I was hoping to post this thread in the WWW forum, but it wouldn't let me start one, perhaps it could be moved there by a moderator?)

    TubaNews.com, a popular online magazine for Tuba and Euphonium players has recently expanded it's Web Links section to include a category for Brass Band-related links! We only have 4 links in the category at the moment, and I'm hoping to drastically increase that number - but we need your help!

    After your links is recieved, I will take a screen shot of your page (like the other sites) and double check the link and description to be sure that they are correct. Anyone may submit a link.

    To add a site to the TubaNews.com Web Links, visit http://www.tubanews.com/gate.html?name=Web_Links and click Add Link . For security reasons, you must be logged into TubaNews.com, but the registration process is very quick and simple.After you've registered, click on Web Links to return to the correct section.

    We have a system on our site where vistors can vote for sites that they like. If you want, you may include a link on your website for your visitors and band members to "vote for our site on TubaNews.com". Information on this can be found beneath your listing in our Web Links area.

    Finally, if you have an appropriate place on your site, a link back to TubaNews.com would be appreciated but it's not requried to add your site to our database.

    Thank you for the chance to make this announcement! I look forward to seeing your submissions. If you have any questions or comments, email me through the board here or use the Send Feedback form at TubaNews.com

    -Rose Schweikhart
    Co-Editor TubaNews.com
    Postgraduate Tuba Student, RNCM, Manchester
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    The reason why you couldn't post in the 'WWW Category' is because that category is now closed and is about to be removed, due to the introduction of the 'tMP Links' section here: http://www.themouthpiece.com/links

    I will lock this thread now because all www links are now being handled by 'tMP Links'.

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