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    Looking forward to this - music arrived over Christmas.

    Just got to sort out the loan of a bass for the day, as I don't fancy carting my BBb across london on the train :eek:
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    Who will be leading the masterclasses?
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    From the website I presume it will be shared out between Derick Kane and Keith Loxley (euphoniums) and Carl Woodman and Philip Scott (tubas).

    I understand from Carl that about 20 players have signed up for the day, but I'm sure there's room for a few more, as well as audience members for the evening concert ;)
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    I should have asked what music is being rehearsed and played. Anything interesting?
  6. PeterBale

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    To be selected from the following, depending on time etc:

    Tubalations Paul Sharman Tuba Quartet & Euphonium Soloist

    Celestial Morn L. Condon Tuba Solo & band

    Romanza R. Vaughan Williams Joint Tubas and Piano

    Radiant Pathway L. Condon Duet Eb & Bb Tuba & Band

    The Swan Saint Saens Joint Euphonium & Band arr. R Steadman Allen

    The Elephant Saint Saens Joint Tuba solo and Band arr. A Mackereth

    Endless Song M.Kenyon Big Bass Part & Band

    Baby Elephant Walk H. Mancini Tuba Group arr. H Gerrits

    March Melody Medley Various Tubas and Band

    Tuba Sauce P.Smalley Tuba Quartet

    Tuba Tiger Rag L.Henderson Tuba Group

    Tuba Train T. Matthews Tuba Solo & Piano

    Hallelujah Chorus G.Handel Tuba Ensemble, Band & Organ arr. A Goldsmith

    Timepiece N.Bearcroft Euphoniums & Band

    Tuba Smarties H.Flowers Tuba Group & Band
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    Composer Tony Matthews has asked me to do a Euphonium version of his Tuba Train Suite in the concert as the tuba soloist is not available, looks good.

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