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  1. Jay

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    been reading a few threads about tuba solos....

    Apart from concertos, are there any serious solo works for tuba?? Or is it all stuff for people to laugh at the tuba player like Tubby the Tuba :p or cheesey showpieces like Czardas? I did the bare necessities the other day and they made me wear this fake fur dress thing...was fun but it would be nice to do a serious solo one day...when I do stuff that's just tuba and piano I tend to choose tenor horn pieces so that I can get the serious, beautiful side of my instrument across to the audience. Are there any serious pieces specifically written for tuba though? Jay xx
  2. ronnie_the_lizard

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    Start by looking at THIS page - or pretty much anywhere else on baadsvik.com !

    I played several movements of the Jacob Tuba Suite for grade exams and always found it boring - listen to some of OB's clips !
  3. on_castors

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    I see your point completely.
    On "Classical Star" (BBC2) this week, the Bassoonist who did a cheesy programme described as being like "Tubby the Tuba" was SLATED for playing this sort of thing - and I think I know what they mean. Along with the Tuba, it is the only other instrument that seems to get treated as a novelty act, and it could do with lifting out of that niche!
  4. TubaPete

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    In the band, I think xylophone tends to get treated the same.

    I think the issue of "quality" bass/tuba solos with band needs addresseng - it's not always appropriate (or cost effective if you need to hire parts) to do a movement from something like the Gregson concerto.
  5. Jay

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    Also, for most other instruments you've got tonnes of simple but beautiful solos...for the tuba if you want something serious or beautiful you're looking at concerto repertoire which can get very demanding if you're not as able a player but still want to play something nice.

    What I notice with xylophone is that in contests the percussionists doing xylophone solos can get away with murder - sticking all over the place etc, but they just need to wave their arms around a bit and make it look difficult and the judges love them if they're not percussionists (the youth contests I've done have always had judges that are brass players even when percussionists are playing solos). But if you look there are some lovely xylophone or marimba or vibe solos! They're just usually treated as a novelty - whereas with the tuba there are hardly any lovely things to turn to away from the general view of it only being a novelty!
  6. Geotuba

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    A nice piece is the Bach Air and Bourée arranged by William Bell for Tuba and Piano - You can print out the part and accompaniment from http://www.jwpepper.com/eprint/ep_show.jsp?pepnum=995274E&prtid=99 before buying it. Works well on both Eb and Bb.

    This is a common audition piece and has two nice contrasting movemnts you can do a heck of a lot with. It was one of the first serious arrangements for Tuba ever made.

    You might also want to ask around on TubeNet (http://forums.chisham.com/) - lots of good (and some not so good - as always) advice from Tuba players there.
  7. MartinT

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    There's an arrangement for Eb Bass of The Swan, from Saint-Saens' Carnival of the Animals. Can't remember who the arranger/publisher are, I'm afraid... If you have trouble finding it, contact me, we might be able to find a copy in Wantage's library.
  8. Gorgie boy

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    Les Neish is currently featuring Badinage by Kevin Norbury. He also plays it on the new Fuoco Brass CD, which will be released before Christmas.

    Badinage is an excellent solo, and a real antidote to all the cheesy stuff. Should be available from world of brass.
  9. WorldofBrass.com

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    You beat me to it, Paul.
    Badinage is an excellent solo and, as well as recording it with Fuoco, Les has been featuring it with Fodens recently.
  10. steve butler

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    Celestial Morn - Leslie Condon is a lovely piece with some great sounds and is quite demanding for soloist and band. there is a recording (pretty old one) of Leslie Condon performing it but I've lost mine and can't remember label etc.
  11. WorldofBrass.com

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