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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Danny, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. Danny

    Danny New Member


    Does anybody have or got a copy of any good tuba quartets for 4No. tubas? 2Eb & 2 Bb! - Not too many notes for the Bb's please!

    We plan on doing this in America, so no foreign national anthems please!

  2. Dave Thornton

    Dave Thornton Member

    There's a clever version of Teddy Bear's Picnic that I've heard somewhere before - might be useful in this context.
  3. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Depending on what you're looking for, my dad may have something suitable. In the Godiva Music catalogue there are quite a few for 2 EEb 2 BBb, ranging from such light-hearted items as "Teddy Bear's Picnic "or the "Hippopotamus Song" through to arrangements of madrigals and other classical pieces. If you ring him he'll drop you a catalogue and/or discuss your requirements: 02 476 45 940 9
  4. Highams

    Highams Member

  5. Kerwintootle

    Kerwintootle Member

  6. Danny

    Danny New Member


    Thanks Dave!

    Will think about it! - Im sure you would love to hear another fine rendition of this classic!
  7. yorkie19

    yorkie19 Active Member

    There are two pieces by Eric Ball, Quartet for Tubas and Friendly Giants.

  8. Rob

    Rob Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Buchanan

    Buchanan New Member

    It's worth having a look at "Suite in Blue" by Roger Payne.

    Available from Just Music.

    Jim Buchanan
    Kinneil Band
  10. JessopSmythe

    JessopSmythe Active Member

    I think Dave Taylor (MoominDave) has done a few, but I can't remember whose website he sells through
  11. Mark Bousie

    Mark Bousie Member

    Why don't you get Mr Meechan to write you one?! Maybe he could adapt the dying dwarves piece (!) he did for euph quartet or do something similar! Dave has to think of a surreal story for Pete to set it to first though!
  12. Okiedokie of Oz

    Okiedokie of Oz Active Member

    I know a few years ago we did Sleeping Tuba Waltz, with euphs played by E flats, and tuba parts on Bb's
  13. tubawales

    tubawales New Member

    I remember that wonderfull rendition too Danny. Can hear it in my mind now.Hahahahahaha.
  14. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member


    My website (where you can download the contents for free) is at http://www.geocities.com/dtmusicuk/, with hosting supplied by the kind people at http://www.justbrass.co.uk. Unfortunately, though, there's only one Tuba quartet on there (*), and that's for 2 Euphs and 2 Tubas - that's the Baroque cheese-fest that is J.S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor (a straight transcription).

    If you prefer to pay rather than download for free :shock: , Brad Howland sells the same items at http://www.musicforbrass.com, among many others.


    (*) I tend to write for what's to hand, and haven't played in many Tuba 4tets...[/url]
  15. Pete Meechan

    Pete Meechan Member

    I would Mark, but I don't think that there are any dwarves in that particular quartet so the story wouldn't work!!! Also, I don't think that the yanks would find that story very funny!
  16. Mark Bousie

    Mark Bousie Member

    Yes Pete, but surely the King of Comedy (aka DT) could conjure up another tale and you could work your creative magic on that. Hmm, then again , maybe our american friends might not understand dave's humour!

    Good to see that your concerto is going on Mr Thornton's forthcoming CD (bit of unexpected, useful publicity for you both there!).
    Will you be at the RNCM on Sunday? I should be there...
  17. Pete Meechan

    Pete Meechan Member

    Hi Mark,

    I think I will be around all weekend at the RNCM Festival of Brass. I am led to believe that there is a 'Fringe' festival taking place this year, too. Apparently the highlight of which is a German beer keller band in the JCR on friday night, led by another king of comedy from the British Euphonium Ensemble, Steve Miles. Sources also inform me that we may also see fellow BEE member, Neil Jackson, performing too! With Russ Bennett on the mic, it promises to be a good night....

    Any chance you might put in an apperence?
  18. TubaStuff

    TubaStuff New Member

    There's quite a range of music available for 2 tubas (BBb, Eb) and 2 euphoniums. Depending on the high range of your players, I suppose it might work for BBb/Eb basses.

    The ensemble that I play with when I'm not in BB has been around since 1981 and we have a very large library of works for tuba-euphonium quartet.

    If you'll drop me a private message, I'd be happy to discuss music with you.

    (The Oregon Tuba Ensemble)

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