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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by jmh3412, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. jmh3412

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    Hi - I'm in the market for overhaul and relacquer for my 1987 EEb982. Apart from McQueens - any other recommendations. I know it's going to be expensive, but wondered who other people have used?

  2. carlwoodman

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    I haven't used him for overhaul and re-lacquer but I would like to suggest that you try Mark Carter, a.k.a. Mr Tuba; http://www.mrtuba.com/

    I have seen examples of his work, in real life and displayed on Facebook, and also played some of the instruments he has worked on.
    In my opinion, what he doesn't know about tubas isn't worth knowing! Why not give him a call on 01633 871506?
  3. 2nd tenor

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    To an extent it depends on how far you are happy to travel. See: http://www.brass-fix.co.uk/page2.html
  4. SwissTony

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    I know you said apart from McQueens however they completely refurbished by sovereign 981 when I left music college and did an amazing job. I would trust nobody else. I currently live 200 miles away from there and should I need such work again, would travel up to get it done. But as you did say apart from McQueens this is entirely useless information ;).
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  5. yoooff

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    I took 3 Sovereign EEbs to Band Supplies in Glasgow and was astonished at how well they were done - I actually checked the serial numbers because I was convinced they were different instruments. One in particular was in such a poor state that I didn't want to handle it without latex gloves, and it came back as new - dents removed and valves unbelievably smooth running. I'm aware that they were sent somewhere to be done, but I'm sure Band Supplies in Glasgow or Leeds could assist. Not cheap, but about 10 - 20% of the cost of a new instrument.

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    F H Lamberts. Ex boosey team.

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