Tuba Mouthpieces/ Paul Lawrence Tuba Mute/ Protec Bass Trombone Case for sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by andymck, Nov 4, 2013.

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    I'm having a bit of a clear out of mouthpieces and other equipment.

    I've got some tuba mouthpieces for sale, the prices include shipping.

    Schilke Helleberg II - £70. Good condition, some insertion marks.

    Perantucci PT 90 - £60. Perfect condition, used for a couple of days and then stuck on a shelf.

    Sellmanberger (Blokepiece) Imperial - £85. Stainless steel mouthpiece with no.2 screw rim, designed by Joe Sellmanberger from the US. This works really well on the EEb, and is a great medium sized all rounder. Lightly used and in great condition.

    Miraphone TU26 - £90. Stainless steel mouthpiece that is the same as the Giddings & Webster - Alan Baer original. It has a slightly wider Euro shank, which is a bit tight in my EEb, but I think it would work a treat in a BBb.

    Conn Helleberg - £50. Lightly used with some insertion marks.

    Paul Lawrence EEb tuba mute - £100. This is a replacement mute for one that was smashed in an orchestra van, and I've never really had much use for it, it's in mint condition with no scuffs, scratches or damage to the corks. Price does not include shipping, but I'll try and strike a balance between packing it well and cost of shipping.

    Protec (PB-309CT) Bass Trombone Case - £170. This came with a Kanstul bass trombone that I bought last year and is sitting around after being used for a month or so. It's quite chunky but is very protective and it comes with the backpack straps that I bought after I took delivery of the trombone and case. Again, the price doesn't include shipping, but it shouldn't be too bad, especially as I'm based in Glasgow.

    I'm happy to provide pictures on request.

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