Tuba Mouthpieces for an EEb Willson?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by DublinBass, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. DublinBass

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    I'm probably going to try to pick-up a new tuba mouthpiece now that I am playing on our band's Willson EEb bass.

    They are monster big horns compared to the Bessons I was used to in the UK (Piston valve bore: ,750"/,790";Bell diameter: 17 3/4").

    I was thinking of a Wick 3L (instead of a 4)

    Any suggestions on what to get?

    (BTW I'm normally playing the top part)
  2. ISBBBb2

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    I play on a Vincent Bach 24AW. I have had it since i was 18 and am yet to find anything better. Iv collected one or two mouthpieces including a bach 18 , a yamaha something or other (sorry dont have a number) a blessing (similar to the 24AW) dennis wick 2l, 3l and 5(tiny one) and also a Kelly plastic one!
    All of these have their own qualities but just dont compare to the 24AW for tone, range, and comfort. It has a great big lip which really helps when coming to the end of a hard blowing rehearsal or concert!
    Its a matter of preference and of how much time your willing to put into getting used to the change!
    (I expect Carl Woodman will have something to say on the matter!)
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  3. nickjones

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    There are a few threads on here about Tuba Mp's, For me personally I have used a Perantucci for about 5 Years , really comfy , good for Eb and Bb , there are the Mike Finn Mp's which have a good reputation , Giddings and Webster look interesting , but a bit pricy. saying that I would try one as they look really different and the lip comfort factor is there. having looked at the new model denis wick , will definitly give the new style mouth piece a try when I get a bit of time.
    best thing is to try a few and find which one suits your needs.
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  4. Tom

    Tom Member

    Hi Patrick

    I'm not a great fan of Denis Wick mouthpieces, I have been using Perantucci mouthpieces for years now - the PT65 works well in the higher register

  5. Thirteen Ball

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    Denis wick Tuba mouthpieces don't really do it for me. I've never liked the sound. I'm on a PT50+ just cos it's got great depth and projection on the low notes, but for all round versatility I'm with ISBBBb2.

    The Vincent Bach 24AW is the most versatile mouthpiece I've ever had, or used. I couldn't get the reeeealy low stuff out of it, but that's definitely just me as I think one of Dyke's BBs uses one, and isn't short of bottom register in the slightest!!

    If I went back onto Eb tomorrow, I'd go and buy another VB24AW.
  6. tubafran

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    VB for me too though I've got a 24AWL - played on DW 2L for years although the Sovereign comes with a 3L just found that too small (great for higher notes but we don't get that many above the top stave anyway).

    I swopped to the VB 18 months ago and anticipated that I'd need some time to adapt to a new mouthpiece - played it in a orchestral concert the very next day I got it. It really is a delight to play on.
  7. ISBBBb2

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    Yes the Black dyke boys do use the 24AW but i think Joseph cooke on EEb uses a vinvent bach 22. Its not a mouthpiece id come accross until i learnt he used it.
    You may be intersted to know that all the ISB tuba's use vincent bach's. The 1st BBb and 2nd EEb use a 24AW mega tone, i use a "normal 24AW and the 1st EEb uses a 24W! (sure you'l sleep better tonight knowing that!)
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  8. brassneck

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    Pat, I take it you are still using the non-compensating EEb? Since you are leading the section, why not consider using a lighter sounding Shilke? You will have the benefit of flexability in sound and good range. The Helleberg (or version II) is a good all-rounder and would also cope with your demands in the wind band, solo events and lessons you are also involved in.
  9. chizzum

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    Vincent Bach!!!!

    In brief th perentucci is alot better the any Denis Wick but its not the best. Vincent Bach is by far the best mouthpiece and is used by most brass band bass players. Unfortunately it does cost quite abit, but i have found the perfect mouthpiece. I have recently started having lessons with a top class orchestral tuba player and he has a ''Faxx'' mouthpiece with is identical to A Vincent Bach 24AW but at less than a third of the price. At 20pound its fantastic and is used by most tuba players who can't be bothered to waste 55 quid on a name!!!!!!!!
  10. Bungle

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    Thank you TMP

    Thank you TMP! I bought a Faxx 24AW at Hove and it really is an improvement on the Dennis Wick 3L. The only annoying thing is not buying it before the contest. It has sorted out some problems I have which I thought were down to my technique, when it was in fact the Dennis Wick MP.

    I accept that this MP may not be ideal for everyone and I might be like a golfer with a new putter, but I would suggest having a try of one if you are using a Dennis Wick. I will be suggesting our band gets some more for our Bass section. I paid £18 for mine from Sharon McCallum.

    I have found the taper is slightly different to the Besson lead pipe so it rocks a bit, so I will have a word with Sharon to see if it can be sorted. I am dep'ing for BAe Sytems in a couple of weeks, so will find out how it goes with a Bb.
  11. Matthew

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    Definitely a VB 24AW for EEb Tuba, Denis Wick 3L or 4L is not up to the job in my opinion. :)

    On BBb Tuba, I use a VB 18 - suits me and my sound nicely. :D
  12. Matthew

    Matthew Active Member

    PS: Anyone tried a Vincent Bach '7' mouthpiece? I have a dusty one in the cupboard and used it on BBb Tuba years ago - they really are huuuuge! :)
  13. bassmittens

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    I've tried a couple of mouthpieces in the past few years. I played on the 24aw for ages, but have recently changed to a Yamaha mp. I also usually play the top parts in the Band and found it to help a lot.

    I did a bit of research to find the best as i found i liked the cup depth and the tone this gave, of the 24aw, but liked the comfort and tighness the rim (oooeer) the Bach gave me - i found it less tiring to play on after a long concert. From memory it was the Yamaha 64 size but being at work at the moment i can't recall the letters that followed it.

    I think the Normans website offers very good explanations and in depth detail on the main types of mouthpieces and what all the letter codes mean.
    (The Yamaha was quite cheap so it's not too bad as a spare even if you're not keen).

    Hope it helps and let us know the outcome, i'm always looking to try new things if it helps.
  14. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    Actually...I've started to settle in to the Roger Bobo Solo. I know it may be a bit small, but I can still seem to pedal just fine.

    I may geta 24AW just to have as well.
  15. brassneck

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  16. Tubby

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    I know this an old thread but since I'm new on here I have been trawling around alot. Anyway I use a 24AW on Eb and also when I was on BBb. Anyway I am thinking of getting a megatone but unsure if I will gain anything for the extra money or if I should get a new 24AW since mine has a few chips on the lip.