Tuba guiness WORLD RECORD attempt

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  1. mattthebass

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    Calling all bass players. If you haven't already seen this fantastic event please go to the link below. Calling all EEb and BBb players to regain glory for Britain! 30th June 2013 in York :p

    If everyone could ask their bass players to have a look at this one I would be very grateful.

  2. Posh

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    It also includes Euphoniums and (?) Sousaphones. We've currently got 7 members of our band hoping to participate - 4 basses, 2 euphoniums and our MD who was an Eb Bass player for more than 40 years. The rest of us are going for what looks like a great day out!
  3. Ianroberts

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    Its called off now, as its been reported that 80% of all bass sections contain horse !
  4. Simes

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    I hope this happens - but I do wonder if it's the same as the World's Biggest Orchestra fiasco - that (to me) appeared to exist to get a load of tenners off people and then failed to happen, and the money vanished with the record attempt!
  5. tubadaz

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    It's happening, the organiser is my section mate at Shepherds, better known on here as Toxophile. City of York Council have been involved in the planning of this event, as it uses one of the Council's public spaces on the Knavesmire.

    A link to the event website is here: http://doublebtyke.wix.com/tubarama

    PS. Marching Tubas are also allowed (US rules on nomenclature apply, apparently. We're not arguing as it allows more people to take part!) :)
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  6. Posh

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    I heard a rumour at band last night that it's been cancelled. Does anyone know if this is true?
  7. Posh

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    Just found it on the link - oooops! What a shame.
  8. Matthew

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    I'm in for this next year - link bookmarked. :)
  9. Toxophile

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    Good to hear that. I was gutted when the backers pulled the plug for this year, but have to say their reasons were starting to be a worry for me.

    To reassure anyone, as soon as I was told the event was cancelled I refunded any tickets that had been sold.

    However, I would hate to see 2013 pass without doing something. During the initial discussions, I spoke to the organiser of Tubacarols and the idea of a north of England version was raised. If anyone fancies a go I will see if York Minster are up for it.

    Pete Scott
  10. HannahLouise

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    Good job I saw this, we have 5 players that were going. Do you have to contact them for a refund?