Tuba for Pontins 2010, Ch section

Discussion in 'Deputies Available' started by bassinthebathroom, Sep 12, 2010.

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    Hi all,
    I had been provisionally booked to play with a band to help out at Pontins in the top section, but they are no longer competing. To make the weekend more worthwhile, I'd still like to play, so if you need a Bass player, please drop me a line. I play Eb normally, but have played this piece on BBb, so I'd be happy to do that if you had an instrument.
  2. I can recommend him he's great at miming = no wrong notes! Bonus! He does have serious personal hygiene issues though and it can be uncomfortable sharing a room with him!

    PS - He has also recently been awarded 'most improved tuba player 2010'!
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    Thank you Laura for your shining review! I wouldn't say serious though.... more troubling (?)
  4. Are you registered with a championship section band. If not then we are looking for an Eb Bass player for the Butlins competition as one of our Eb Bass wife's is expecting a baby then so will be unable to play for us.

    We will be 1st section from 1 January next year.

    Chris Wilson
    Secretary to Stannington Brass Band
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    Cheers for your reply, but it's just for Pontins and top section only!

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