Tuba cup mute cases?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by matt_BBb_bass, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. matt_BBb_bass

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    Hello all,

    Just a question really does anybody know if people make cases for tuba cup mutes? We have just got some as needed for spiriti at the finals, and for putting on the coach etc we don't really want to damage them, as sure we will only use them once in a blue moon! Any help appreciated!


  2. pt88

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    What make did you get, do they fit propperley and play in tune , you could go to B&Q and get some of thoes plastic totes that you use to store really usefull stuff up the loft.
    think Mutes are a complete flaff especially on BBb, only needed them for 2 notes the Euros, dont you need Straight mutes as well as the Cup Mute for Spiriti, double Flaff
  3. simonbassbone

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    Did they come in big cardboard boxes? If so use the box, you could consider adding bubble wrap etc for added padding (insert own joke).
  4. GordonH

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    I was going to suggest using a plastic dustbin. Those mutes are huge.
  5. matt_BBb_bass

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    They are a pain. The BBb ones are around 23inches... So the size of a drum kit bass drum! We got Peter gane ones, right thought out, as needed horn and euph bucket mutes as well! £££!!
  6. DocFox

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    I would contact Alietri. They fine very light weight gig bags. They even make a double trombone bag. They make protective cases to order. But the case would be well made, have handles, and protect the mutes.


    They are hand-made in Denver, Colorado. High quality and custom made would make them a bit expensive (not to mention you would have to pay VAT when they arrive). But if you really want to protect the mutes, they are a great choice.