Tuba and Euphonium duets

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by jenzi, May 11, 2006.

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    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knows of any duets written especially for tuba and euphonium together without band or piano accompaniment? :cool:
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    I seem to remember coming across a couple duets for unaccompanied tubas, the composers I think being Gordon Jacobs and Philip Catelinet, and it may be that the top part would work on euph. From what I recall, they were aimed at around Grade V standard, but I've not found any links to them on any web-site. There is also a long out of print collection of SA unaccompanied duets that could possibly be adapted.

    It may be worth checking out Hickeys website, as they list lots of duets under their tuba/euphonium sectino|:
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    ^ I was just going to say that ;)
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    Tuba and euphonium duet with piano accompaniment

    Hi, I haven't started my own thread as I thought my request ran allong similar lines to Jenzi.

    I am after a Tuba + Euphonium duet for a couple of my pupils. Ideally it could do with having piano accompaniment, not band.
    Both pupils have a good technical ability, and are capable of ABRSM grade 7~8 standard.
    I have drawn a bit of a blank so far on this one and would really appreciate some help.
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    I've just been listening to part of Kenneth's duet "Night traveller" from one of Charley Brighton's recitals, and that is well worth looking at if you can find a pianist.
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    I would suggest Mr Minuits Menuet by PDQ Bach. It is written for unaccompanied bassoon and tuba but would work fine with a euphonium-tuba combination.
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    John Stevens, composer and Professor of Tuba & Euphonium at University of Wisconsin at Madison, just issued a CD on the Summit label called Reverie which contains some beautiful duets with his daughter, Katie, on euphonium. Accompanied by piano, the duets are generally not very technically demanding.

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