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    Does anyone in bands on the isle of man have hotel/b+b facilities during the TT? I'm looking for a twin room on the 4/5th June for maybe 6 nights. I promise not to bring my Euphonium.

    Adrian (Yorkshire Imps)
  2. Euphgit

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    Hi there,

    I know that a lot of the accomodation this year is booked up already (centenary of the mountain course so the booking figures have tripled)

    However, I do know that the secretary of our band lets out his house. He's away in India for the next week, but drop him a line soonish, if he can't help you out he can probably point you in the right direction. (I'd ask myself, but currently in Manchester at College)

    Simon Court
    Tel: 01624 823950

    There is also the Homestay site KLICKEN SIE HIER. This is where Manx Residents will let out a room in their homes over TT. Nice way of meeting new people and fairly cheap. Not exactly Hotel/B+B but those kind of facilities are going to be getting harder and harder to come by

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