Trying to relocate a recording could be Carlton Main

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by nickjones, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. nickjones

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    Trying to locate a recording I had given to me in the 1980's am sure it was Carlton Main
    some of the tracks were..
    troublemaker - Mike Davies
    Suite for Brass - Mike Davies
    2nd Suite - Holst
    Carnival of Venice - Cornet ( William Rimmer Arrangement)
    Finale From Faust

    Can't remember much else , I am sure it came out around the same time as Galaxies ( Yorkshire Imps 1984)
  2. Bones

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    I think Gaz Sykes (BoozyBTrom) has this ione. He may eb able to shed some light on it.

  3. brassneck

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    Is the album "A Concert Programme" recorded in 1980 (Top Brass TB3022)? Listing for the album is:-

    1.Mephistopheles (Douglas)
    2.Carnival de Venice (Steven Ridler - Cornet)
    3.Procession of the Nobles (Korsakov)
    4.Concerto for French Horn and Brass Band (Gregson)
    5.Finale from Faust
    6.Theme from Love Story
    8.Hava Nagila
    9.Slavonic Dance No 8
  4. nickjones

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    you know I think that is the one , can't remember the Edward Gregson horn concerto , I know the memory is a bit hazy...