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  1. 24aw

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    I don't know whether this has already been mentioned on here, but i was sent a link for this site, and its really good, grand masters of there instrument.
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  3. Jacob Larsen

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    Maurice André
  4. 24aw

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    Oh yeah,masters of there instrument AND Herp Alberts on there as well!!!!! I should of said ;-)
  5. brassneck

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    When I first came online, a friend introduced me to a similar site which allows you to sample trumpet legends either in audio or video ... link is below. :)eek: ... link not working on PC I'm presently on!)
  6. trumpetmike

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    There were a lot of problems with that site - the address was changed to - that one should work:biggrin:
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  7. brassneck

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    - cheers Mike! :clap:

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