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    This opportunity is limited to former members of HM Forces who are now veterans who are looking for a chance to once again take part in military ceremonial events in the City of London as a Regimental Trumpeter.

    Regimental Trumpeters sound a natural cavalry Eb trumpet either in short regulation or stretched fanfare style.

    The Light Cavalry is a ceremonial squadron of the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC). It is not an active military unit as members are veterans. The Light Cavalry holds a Royal Warrant and, as far as possible, runs along military lines and aims to operate to the same standards as any regular army unit when performing ceremonial duties. For this reason the Light Cavalry HAC (LCHAC) invites a senior officer to conduct an inspection every year that assesses the squadron’s ability to perform its ceremonial duties. It is therefore important to understand that the LCHAC is not an enactment or “dressing up” club. LCHAC is a formal ceremonial unit under Royal Warrant whose members volunteer to perform public duties at key national events.

    The Light Cavalry - horses and men

    The Light Cavalry operates in the same manner as a Yeomanry unit of the TA in that its members conform to military discipline and provide their own horses, uniforms and equipment. We receive no funding at all from the MoD.

    Many members have held senior positions in the forces before joining the LCHAC but in keeping with HAC tradition, all will revert to the rank of Recruit on joining. Most Corps and Regiments are represented in our ranks we even have representatives from the Royal Navy and the RAF. Some of our Troopers are also members of other TA units and, in that capacity one is currently serving in Afghanistan and recently commandeered some horses to facilitate a joint patrol with the French Foreign Legion!

    The public appearances of the LCHAC are expressly to keep the reserve forces in the public eye and to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities that await recruits to the Active Unit HAC. These appearances generally fall into 3 categories;

    Polo Guards for Guards’ Polo Club – we provide both mounted and dismounted guards at the major polo tournaments at Smith’s Lawn, Windsor.

    The City of London – we provide a mounted escort for the Lady Mayoress on the Lord Mayor’s Show and also carry out “carpet guards” (basically standing to attention with a sword for one hour) for Livery Companies in the City throughout the year. The Trumpeters both ride mounted sounding all calls and dismounted fanfaring the arrival of the Lord Mayor and all salutes.

    Skill at Arms displays – we still practise “tent pegging” and Victorian era sword drill in exactly the same manner as the Squadron did before the Crimea except we have turned this into a display and appear at numerous County Shows and also a recent Help for Heroes polo match in Cirencester. The Trumpeters fanfare the team into the ring.

    The Light Cavalry HAC is not all work, we have some cracking mess nights during which as a trumpeter you will announce festivities via “Officers Dress For Dinner” and “Mess Call”.

    The Light Cavalry currently has four trumpeters at a range of skill levels and is looking to build a squad sufficient to support all the public duties and ceremonial roles undertaken within the City of London. This creates a need for both mounted and dismounted trumpeters.

    If you are at all interested in joining the Light Cavalry and/ or improving your riding skills at our stables in Windsor Great Park, go to our website at for more information.
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    Sorry missed a bit from the website address the correct link is

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