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    My daughter (who is 25) wants to start playing trumpet in a concert band in the small town she has just moved to (There isn't a brass band). I was going to get hold of a trumpet for her. I want to pay less than £100 (she doesn't have a good record when it comes to persevering at musical instruments) and get something that is (a) playable and (b) resellable if she decides it's not for her. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?
  2. 2nd tenor

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    I played in a Concert Band for a while. Before going and buying anything I suggest that she borrows a Cornet off of you and plays that for a while. I suspect that the Concert Band is unlikely to mind too much and probably more concerned with getting a player in than on the differences between a Cornet and a Trumpet.
  3. trumpetmike

    trumpetmike Well-Known Member

    Farnham, Surrey, UK
    Any band that is SO fussy that it "must" be a trumpet needs to look at the parts - many parts are trumpet/cornet whilst there are also a large number that have separate trumpet and cornet parts.
    If she "needs" a trumpet, keep an eye out for second hand Yamaha instruments - pretty much bullet-proof for resale value and playability.
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