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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by resus, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. resus

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    I'm not sure if anyone can help or is interested but I have just acquired a trumpet!!

    It is a Learman Master in original case with mutes and all sorts of extras including an original bill of sale. It appears to be in excellent working order, although I play euph so what do I know about such matters!!!

    This was purchased in 1937 from BRON'S Orchestral Services, Gerrard Street London W1

    Does anyone know if it's worth anything or is interested??

    I'll be at Stevenage with it tomorrow if anyone is going and wants a look at it

    Paul Hicks
    Becontree Brass
  2. trumpetmike

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    Nothing wrong with trumpets - and anyone who tells you otherwise is probably a cornet player;)

    I wish I could help with that make, but I'm afraid I have never heard of them. I will make some enquiries, if you are interested.

    Many of the makers from that period are, sadly, no longer with us. The trombone I own was made by Silvani & Smith - another maker that unfortunately went under many years ago (the trombone was made in a factory that shut down in 1894).
    A true trumpet geek question - what mutes/mouthpieces did it come with? Some of those older accessories are quite rare.
  3. Bryan_sop

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    More likely to be a baritone player, why do all baritone players think Trumpets aren't real insruments?? Maybe they just feel threatened by the superiority of the trumpet??