Trumpet Solo with Brass band

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by bonodog, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. bonodog

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    Hoping to get some assistance.

    Am looking for a decent solo for trumpet and brass band. Want something listenable by average brass band audience but perhaps a bit different. To be accompanied by 2nd/3rd section band.

    Any thoughts and/or publishers?


  2. davidaus

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  3. If your feeling brave "Virtuosity" is a very impressive one.
    It can be bought from studio music and this is a recording of it.

    If your not feeling that brave "People" is a much easier and slower piece i'm am not sure where it can be bought though.
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    The first one that comes to mind from our publications is The Challenge by Eric Ball.
    Paul Archibald has recorded this with South London Fellowship Band on Mr Ball meets Mr Leidzen.

    There are also several in a Philip Smith series and I'll give details of these a little later.
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  7. trumpetmike

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    If you are looking for a truly virtuosic piece:
    Allen Vizzutti - The Rising Sun
    (hire only)
  8. Active Member

    Published by Prima Vista
    Nocturne was the Norwegian entry for the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest. Rod Franks gave the premiere of this arrangement by Ray Farr with Eikanger-Bjorsvik Musikklag the following year.

    In the Philip Smith Signature Series
    Georgian Song (Balakirev arr. Ralph Pearce).
    Joshua Swings the Battle (Stephen Bulla).
    Standing on the Promises (Douglas Court).
  9. Brian Bowen

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    Italian Holiday (Bowen) published by Crabtree/deHaske
  10. themusicalrentboy

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    'People' from funny girl
  11. Valvecap

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    Ive got a solo part to Trumpeters Lullaby for Brass Band and solo trumpet... not sure about brave... more like "wheels goin round but hamsters dead".... its a slow melody but its crackin - not sure who publishes is. Ill see if I can find out.
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    Thank you all - plenty to think about.

    Any more.

    WOB, is there a recording of Nocturne that you are aware of?

  13. Active Member

    There's a soundbite attached to the listing on the World of Brass website here.

    The whole track appears on Best by Farr and European Brass Band Championships 2006 CDs.
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    Concert Etude by Goedicke

    Fun piece to play and definately a trumpet piece as oppose to a cornet piece. I know there is a band arrangement somewhere as Jim Watson recorded with Black Dyke I think.
  18. PFmaestro

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    it has been printed by the SA so i guess world of brass will have it, i fact i'm pretty sure of it!
  19. blue juice

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    Cherry pink and apple blossom white
    Spanish Eyes
  20. basebonetone

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    Trumpet solo with band

    Don't know if it would work but what about that old classic Satchmo? Just a suggestion-I think it would be great!

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