Trumpet Playr Seeks Bigband/shows

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by cjconnor24, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. cjconnor24

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    I'm a trumpet player based in glasgow looking for big band/jazz band. In, or as near to the glasgow area as possible, i'm also interested in playing in shows!!!

    if you want to get in touch:

    Chris Connor
  2. Incognito

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    You may struggle to find one and the show circuit is rather difficult to break into unless you can get some deputising to start with.

    To be honest with you, you look to young to fit into most of the big bands I know.
    I am 38 and I am considered a kid by most of these guys (still).

    Someone tried to get one going in Fauldhouse (West Lothian) but they could never get a brass section so they now just call it a Saxophone group.

    Why not start your own?

    The complication of starting your own is covering the costs.
    You would need to bring in enough to cover the costs of the charts, but at the same time you will struggle to get paying gigs with a BIG big band. I used to play in a 23 piece band but we were never able to go out for union rate.
    Maybe aim for a small combo like the Maynard Ferguson lineup?

    It may require some lateral thinking.....

    I am just thinking out loud.
    its a long summer with no playing.
  3. cjconnor24

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    Do you currently play in any such bands? Do you know what bands are on the go around glasgow, even if you think i'v got no chance, have to start sumwhere. Determined to have a blow somewhere, at the isn't the big issue, its more building up a reputation to start off with i think!!

    Thanks For the Advice!
  4. Incognito

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    I don't currently play in that sort of a band as there are not any round here.
    There are far fewer than there were 10 or 15 years ago, without doubt.

    I don't know the West Coast too well.
    The only pro band I know is Adrian Drover's band.
    A good place to start is the local MU office (musicians union) as they always know everyone.
    I am ashamed to say I let my membership lapse and I was in arrears at the time so I have been scared to sign up again in case they send the commiteee round.

    MU meeting are quite good fun.
    I remember being at one years ago where someone had applied to join and put ther instrument down as "scratcher". After htis was explained to the meeting one elderly sax player stood up and said "What? Scratching a needle across a gramophone record? thats vandalism, not musicianship."