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    You see many advertisements for Trumpet lead pipes to suit pretty much all makes of instrument.

    As far as I know only S&W offer a lead pipe choice for Cornets.

    Why is the lead pipe design not as important for a Cornet?

    What difference does the lead pipe make to any instrument?

    What difference does a reverse lead pipe make?
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    I have read pretty much all of the literature on their web site and have found it to be very enlightening, but it does not answer all the questions.

    eg. What is a reverse lead pipe and what qualities does it posses that a standard lead pipe does not?
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    On the Bach site, the reverse leadpipe is described as creating a blow that is "more open and free-blowing with darker sound. Additional length improves intonation of high register".

    Elsewhere, the design of the RL is described as this ... "With a reverse leadpipe the leadpipe is not really reversed. They take the top part of the main tuning slide and flip it so it is now male instead of female the tube is soldered to the lead pipe instead of the crook of the tuning slide. This allows the air to fall off the lead pipe into the instrument instead of the air hitting the tuning slide "ledge" which technically causes more spliting in the sound. There is less resistance and in theory a second venturi (although very very slight). It will give the instrument a more open feel."
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    I find the stuff on the site a great read. If you are interested in the detailed development of the 19th Century cornet, the site linked below is a beauty ...
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    Thanks again. It's acquiring information such as this that caused me to subscribe to this site.
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    Is that the Boffin Award already, Tom?
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    lol! There's a good amount of information available online if you look for it!

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