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  1. RoadRunner

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    Hey fellow band members!

    I have a question. Are Trumpet/Cornet mouthpieces the same size or do trumpets have a bigger mouthpiece then the cornet?
  2. trumpetmike

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    All depends what size/brand of mouthpiece you use.

    If you are asking whether a cornet mouthpiece and a trumpet mouthpiece with the same number will be the same, that is a very different question and largely depends on the manufacturer (and how recently the mouthpieces were purchased).
    In general, a Bach trumpet mouthpiece will be the same size as the equivalent Bach cornet mouthpiece.
    In general, the Denis Wick mouthpieces are NOT exactly the same as the equivalent Wick cornet mouthpiece (although the 1XB sizes are the same).
    Warburton use the same tops for both cornet and trumpet (it is the underpart that changes) so yes, they will be identical.
    Mouthpieces of different brands will almost certainly not have the same size as each other, even if they have the same number/letter.

    If you are asking whether the trumpet mouthpiece is taller - yes.

    If you are asking whether a cornet mouthpiece will fit in a trumpet - no.

    If you are asking whether, in general, trumpet players use bigger mouthpieces than cornet players - my guess would be that they tend to use slightly wider mouthpieces, but cornet players generally use much deeper mouthpieces than trumpet players.
  3. JRH

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    I think the original poster meant do they have the same physical size overall, rather than does a "Bach 5b trumpet" = "Bach 5b cornet" in feel on the face.

    If so, you can't interchange one mouthpiece between both trumpet and cornet, they are different dimensionally where they are inserted into the receiver. You might be able to insert one, but it wouldn't play properly, intonation would be off very badly, etc.

    If you mean how do they feel in size on the face, then yes, trumpet and cornet mouthpieces can feel identical in many cases. However, the typical cornet mouthpieces are usually a different internal design with deeper "v-style" cups typically (resemble flugel mouthpieces more than trumpet in that respect), and often with larger throats than trumpet pieces, which are generally "C-style" cups or shallower.

    Many people that play both settle on a common "size" (rim diameter) for the various instruments (trumpet, cornet, flugel, picc, etc.) and vary the cup, throat and backbore while trying to keep the same dimensional feel on the chops.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that there are variations in mouthpiece shank sizes, especially on older cornets. With cornets made in the last several decades, as far as I know they all use a "standard" cornet shank now.

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