Tropical cyclone Gonu prepares to hit Oman

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    Hi All,

    Yesterday we had the devestating news that a tropical Cyclone Gonu is preparing to batter the beautiful coastlines of Oman.

    As you all know we are residents in Oman (luckilly, we are in the UK at the minute), at the moment we have many friends, colleagues and of our course our 3 cats who are unable to leave Muscat and have been told to go to higher ground where possible, if not they have to stay indoors for 48 hours. Friends who live near the beaches are being evacuated to safety.

    As you can imagine we are worried sick but cannot do anything to help them, we have phoned Oman last night and this morning and spoken to friends who tell us that the torrential rain has started and the cyclone is expected to hit today at 1pm (GMT).

    The media don't seem to be interested, probably they are waiting to see if it turns into a disaster, we have scoured the internet for news but not found much information except from the Oman daily press and BBC news last night.

    Please spare a thought for all the people in Oman and their families around the world as they try and get through the next 48 hours, hopefully unscathed.

    Darrol & Rachael
    We are in the UK but our hearts are at home in Oman!
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    Thoughts, prayers and hope for all in Oman, they'll get through it! At least they've had warning, count your blessings!
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    Let's hope it does die down before it hits! And we complain about the British weather!
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    Darrol and Rachael, it must be dreadful for you. I used to know some people from Oman years ago and although I'm not in contact any more I remember them as lovely people.
    Am thinking of you and your friends and everyone caught up in this storm.
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    If you have a look on there are some videos of the aftermath of the hurricane.

    So far we have heard nothing from our friends as communications seem to be down since the hurricane hit yesterday afternoon. We did have an email yesterday morning and the water was upto 4 feet outside their house and everything was being moved upstairs!!

    Upto now we don't have any information regarding our house or pets, fingers crossed it will all be fine but from what we have seen on you tube an other news sites we are not very optimistic.

    Thanks for the comments, keep them coming!!

    Darrol & Rach