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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by PaulJohn203, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. PaulJohn203

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    A late-starter giving up on advice cos of dental troubles, I offer a little-used double-plug Yamaha Xeno 822G bass, top range Douglas Yeo model. Excellent condition, no dings; excellent slide action; neatly-designed case; plus perfect Doug Yeo gold-plated mouthpiece. £1500

    Little used Conn 88H Bb-F, 9" bell; 3 leadpipes: 2 small + 1 large bore. Slides excellent; case fine; lacquer fine but with a little fading at slide grip zone; no dings. £700

    Yamaha medium-bore Bb-F, YSL 356G: sign of one fixed ding in goose-neck along from grip zone. No other dings; slides run v.v.well; lacquer fine, case perfect; usual stringed F-action. £500

    Come and have a try - Malvern, Worcs at present but Cambs quite soon.

  2. Bonafide

    Bonafide New Member

    Hi Paul - Can you let me know which model the 88 actually is? IS it an open wrap or closed wrap - (and if it is the 8.5" model or the 9" model) - i.e. 88H or 88HO or 88KHO (etc)!

    Any photos would be appreciated.

    Many thanks - Robert Marsh.
    BTW - I'm based in Swindon, so feasible to come up and try.
  3. PaulJohn203

    PaulJohn203 New Member

    All sold now and thanks for interest.
  4. PaulJohn203

    PaulJohn203 New Member

    All sold now; thanks for interest.

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